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For Sale: AKG K430 $old

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For Sale:
AKG K430 $old

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I picked these up in the Guitar Friend Sale last month and had Joker order them for me since I don't live in the US so he could add them to his review of portables (he's been busy so hasn't got them in there yet though). and then received them yesterday. But I am spoiled by my D7000 and just can't handle a bright signature anymore. So rather than waste time adding another 50hrs of burnin that will not change the general signature of these, I am simply putting them up for sale.


They were $30 plus shipping for me, I will sell them for $old and include the shipping in Canada and the US, for other parts of the world I reserve the right to see what the cost is and negotiate from there.


If anyone in Calgary would like these, I am willing to meet in the city and will sell them for Sold since there will be no shipping costs for me.


I don't have pictures but can supply them later if needed by anyone.


BTW I do like the carrying case and general build of these, they are the most comfortable on ear headphone I have tried.

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Added pictures for those interested.

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It's gone now.

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Yes thanks for posting gigisor, these are now sold

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