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Left Side Broken for RE0s?

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I bought a pair of Head-Direct RE0s, I got them in mail yesterday, and now they are broken. I was listening to music with my Touch today, when the left side of the earphones stopped working, or so I thought. I tried using them again, and I noticed that I could still hear a little bit, so the volume is just really low compared to the right side. I think it was a sudden click when it stopped working, but I don't think that actually matters. So is there any way I can fix, or did I just get a faulty product?

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Make sure you're plugging it in all the way. Maybe try it on your computer's headphone jack just to double check. If there's still a problem then you should contact the the seller about it. Trying to fix it yourself will probably void the warranty.

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Like stated above, try plugging them into another source and try to plug in another headphones into your ipod.

Also, depending on the place where you purchased them, you should be able to get a replacement fairly easily.
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I was actually on my computer at the time, so I did plug into my computer right away, and it was still the same. I've also tried another pair of headphones on the iPod and it works fine. I ordered from Head-Direct, so I guess I'll just call them tomorrow then... :(

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Well I already sent an email to Head-Direct about this, but I decided to try the RE0s on again today thinking somehow they might be working again. And lo and behold, both sides work! What's going on? Will the left side eventually stop again?

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It's most likely problems with the cord, the wiring inside might be loose so the drivers won't produce sound at times.

I would suggest sending them back, and maybe try taking better care of the new ones.
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