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For Sale: 5 Pairs of White Foam Monster SuperTips Size Small

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For Sale:
5 Pairs of White Foam Monster SuperTips Size Small

Will Ship To: Anywhere


Hey guys, I'm selling 5 Pairs of Small White Foam Monster SuperTips as seen here:


I simply tried one pair and decided they are too big for my ears, which is why I don't really need them anymore. As you can see in the picture you get the foam tips plus a nifty organizer so you don't lose them. I have not even touched any of the other pairs of tips. The stuff missing was just a pair of sample gel tips which I'm using because they somewhat fit until I order the extra small pair of monster foam supertip and a sample of the gel material which is not meant to be put in your ears. 


$20 including shipping CONUS or best offer. I'll be willing to do international for higher shipping costs.



I know I am a new user on Head-Fi, so if you are a veteran user of Head-Fi and have any calamities about the trustworthiness of my classified I would be more than willing to send you the item first before receiving payment or do whatever it takes to confirm my identity with you whether it be through email, telephone call, etc. Just PM me.



Here's my ebay profile as well:




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Still looking..

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