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For Sale: AKG K240 Sextett

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For Sale:
AKG K240 Sextett

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I acquired these earlier in the year.  I was interested in them because of their pioneering use of six passive radiators, which AKG no longer does (because of the cost) and which other manufacturers have imitated using paper/felt venting holes as a substitute.  These are very nice cans, with one exception.  One of the metal decals fell off and I've temporarily misplaced it.  Rather than wait before listing it, I'm listing them now for SOLD, which ought to be a really good deal on genuine AKG K240 sextetts.


If you want them, and can wait for me to find the decal among my boxes of effects, here they are.  I've got bills to pay and don't believe in collecting (which is why I no longer have my HD800, PS1000, T1, HF2, GS1000 or RS1).  The cabling is solid.  The sound is rich and full.  These are very nice headphones, and the person who grabs them up for $100 should have a very nice time with them.



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Don't mean to hijack, but those pads look very full. Are they stock? They almost look like Denons. Also, they look like they might be late production, do you have an idea of when they were made?

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Not the stock pads.  I'd be curious what they are too.

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