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Seems like there is an unstabile version for the 120gb out already see first post. The 160gb version will soon be realeasednormal_smile%20.gif

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Once the RB port for the 7G is ready and stable I'm on it!!!

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At this rate apple might actually get some of my money, and through no fault of their own I might add...


This will be quite useful since my 8 month old D2+ might go at any time.  I was just about to cue up some Dream Theater and go to bed but the damn thing wouldn't turn on and neither my netbook or desktop would recognize it.  I tried the reset button but it sheared straight off the PCB!  I had to open it up (at least it actually has screws (maybe I won't buy an ipod after all...)) and bridge the contacts with a screwdriver.


Its working now, but opening it up to get to the reset switch isn't exactly a long term solution.  After a few more times something is going to break.  This was the first time I remember needing to use the reset button which is good, but I'm going to have to get another tiny (and easily lost) screwdriver to carry around with me in case it needs resetting in the field, which is bad (or at least annoying).

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This is definitely good news. Another reason to get an ipod classic......beerchug.gif


Well I'm broke now. Not now.

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Nice, really great!

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Ohhhh, this is awesome news.  My 120 has been semi-retired since it started randomly skipping to the next track if I didn't set the backlight to always on, and so now the battery life sucks.  Looks like I don't need to keep waiting for a 100GB+ flash-based alternative to hit the market after all :D.

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Awaiting a stable version for 6g classic.  popcorn.gif

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Originally Posted by ianmedium View Post

To someone with the latest generation classic 160G (Purchased toward the end of 2010) who has no idea what this means.. What does it mean? Will this improve the sound and if so why?

I use apple lossless at the moment, what advantage would flac be?

I always thought it was the chip that made the difference, if so how can software like rockbox improve the sound?


I have searched but a lot of what I have read assumes the reader is knowledgeable about such things!


To the complete imbicile who knows nothing can someone please explain why this is such a good thing!


Thanks in advance.

Bump. Will it actually improve SQ? I'm also in the same boat, 120Gig classic collecting dust.

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The EQ will be fully customizable, so it will allow you to do what we've all dreamed of - have full control over the sound of the iPod classic,...yes is your answer.


PS: Read - Rockbox

Originally Posted by jamess71 View Post


Bump. Will it actually improve SQ? I'm also in the same boat, 120Gig classic collecting dust.

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It does a better job with EQ than the Classic firmware so in that one way it can provide an improvement. However sound quality is otherwise hardware based. So for someone like me who does not use EQ, there is no improvement in sound quality. (If you read the Rockbox web site, they confirm this.)

Rockbox is about features and customization.
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Manual EQ on its own, will fly my 160GB Classic to the moon.

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hoping they'll make a stable one, then i'll try it:)

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Finally...FLAC on my IPC!!! Subscribed!

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I'm really keen for this to become stable (usable). It would make deciding what new player to buy so much easier!

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   You can drag & drop to iPods with other software, such as SharePod. I think there's a few others as well. That gets rid of the biggest issue I have with using iPods and doesn't require anything complicated. 

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