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For Sale or Trade: Quiet Comfort 2

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For Sale or Trade:
Quiet Comfort 2

Will Trade For: Anything
Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hi all,


I have a set of quiet comfort 2's that are in need of repairs.  I think it's a loose cable, as these haven't been dropped, abused, or listened to at overly high volume, etc and the left channel stopped working.  I'll try a new set of batteries to see if that'll do it, but either way they are for sale/trade.


I've used these on planes over IEMs and you can't even tell there's a turbine next to you with low volume music on.  For those who want, I can post photos but they look new except for two small nicks on the head band that I had to inspect the things to even notice.

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So your selling them for $1 excl shipping?

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Sorry, no, I have already had offers better than that. 

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Lol, i was joking, how about 20?

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currently have two offers better than that.  One for 100 and one for a trade.  I'm doing the trade because I agreed on it before the 100 offer.  If that falls through I'll be going for the 100 one unless I get a better offer :)

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