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What would you prefer for an earphone, an MeElectronics M9 or a SoundMAGIC pl-11?

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Really torn between these two, and am not really sure if the extra cash to get the M9 is worth it when compared to the pl-11. Also I've been hearing that the pl-11 is not so durable, but that M9 costs as much as double from the price of the pl-11 from where I'm from.

The pl-11 cost like $18 and the M9 costs $31, so yeah it really is almost double.



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M9 isn't worth $30.


What is your budget, source, and music preference?

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Thanks for the reply! I mostly listen to alternative rock and old school 70s rock, and other types of music, except hiphop.

I visited a local online shop and they sell it at those prices though the pl-11 costs aroud 800 philippine pesos, and the m9 at 1400 philippine pesos, converting it I got those values.

And for the source, do you want me to include the links for these online items on the said shop here?


Oh and budget, around 500 - 1500 philippine pesos, but it depends if going to the 1500 mark is worth it. 1500 costs around like $33 and $11 for 500.

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By source, I meant what are you going to be playing your music out of.


Can you only shop locally? Or can you order online too?

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Ahh, okay, I'll be using an iPod 120gb. I can't shop online though, have no paypal account. :(

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Oh and i forgot to ask, what di you mean by that the m9 is not worth $30? is it like it isnt worth my $30 or it isnt just worth $30? Sorry I got kinda confused. ><

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he meant that the M9 are not worth the MSRP maybe because they are junk

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i did not like the m9.

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I have been using pl11 for 2 years.

I didn't really take care of them much but they still work fine.

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Oh so they are bad considering the fact that they got a good review from cnet? have you guys heard of the pl-11 of soundmagic?

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And since you guys say that the M9 is bad I think it's better to go with the pl-11 eh?

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Okay it seems a lot of wrong things are being said in this thread. First of all, MEElec M9 are retailing for $19.99 and NOT $31. Please check their official site here for details.

I would recommend buying them online, as MEE's delivery is quite speedy (I've received most of my products from them here in India in about 10 days) and they will ensure you get your pair without any hassles.


Secondly, the M9 use the same driver as the M6 - which by the way are also excellent budget earphones. I've owned the M9 for over a ear, and I still use them while commuting to work. After a burn in period of about 50+ hours, these sound fantastic - love the bass on these and for that price, they offer a great value for money - undoubtedly.


And above all, MEE's customer service is by far the best I've come across. The sound signature, the excellent build quality (I've not seen better cables at that price range) + the accessories they offer (generous tip set, cord organizer and carrying pouch), I'd recommend these in a heartbeat.


MEElec isn't called Head-Fi's favourite budget IEM manufacturer without a reason :)

Hope this helps.

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Heeey! thanks for that great reply! I think the reason why I'm being charged $31 is because of the fact that seller had to pay customs and that they have to earn a living and by selling it $19 he would get no returns.

I also think that if I were to order directly from m9 I would still be getting an increase due to shipping.

Although the words you said kinda steered me towards the m9 I was kinda sure a little while back that I would be getting the pl-11. Such a tough tough choice for me. How's the build quality on the m9?

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The shipping is $6 if I remember correctly. In terms of build these are top notch! The housing is made of aluminum and the cables are really, really good. Believe me when I say that because I find the cable on them better than the ones on my Monster Turbines which retail for $150. And if you face any issues in terms of defects, MEE will send you a replacement pair. I've been a huge MEE fan because of this very reason - great quality products at cheap prices + stellar customer service.

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- Double post - Sorry for this

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