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Is There A Closed Back

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For around $200 (street) that will satisfy me? I have 595's in storage that will be available later this year and have been happy with sonics. Currently have AKG 601's run with a LD I+ and again am happy. Either I listen a little too loudly to my music or others in my dwelling are not happy when I become engrossed in sound and more or less unavailable. Either way closed back cans seem in order now. I realize that some of the midrange,  treble detail and transparency may need to be sacrificed going closed. I would in addition wish to gain some bottom end fullness over the AKS's while staying close to the clarity I have grown accustomed to.

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senn HD 25-1 ii's

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Some recommendations for ya:



Denon AH-D2000




Ultrasone HFi 780, PRO 750

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Any other options or comments on those presented already?

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I recommend Fischer Audio FA-003 or the FA-002w. You  can get them from GD Audiobase or Bugden Audio. I have the FA-003 and they are awesome headphones. They are about as clear as it gets and the timbre and frequency balance on them is almost perfect. They do have a bit more bass than many open backed headphones (just a bit more), but the bass is amazingly tight and detailed for closed back headphones. The treble is also free of that metallic coloration found on many closed cans. The mids are just a tiny bit blurred, but they are very accurate and natural sounding overall.


I haven't heard the FA-002w but apparently the wooden cups make the sound a bit darker/warmer and more musical while also increasing refinement and tightening up the already great bass even further. The cheapest FA-002w is ~$207 from GD Audiobase while FA-003 is around $160-$170. I would personally go with FA-002w.

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