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Originally Posted by vinylrules View Post

They parts are metal. As far as a direct sound comparison between the HiFiMAN RE-400 and the Monster Miles Davis Trumpets, that's a great question and I can be of help with as I own both. I will listen to both tonight and let you know in the morning.

However since yesterday I have been listening to the NEW $399 HiFiMAN RE-600 SONGBIRD!!!! etysmile.gif


Thanks! popcorn.gif

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Ok so it's a little premature to say conclusively since I've just began listening, but so far I give the edge to the HiFiMAN RE-400.

The Miles Tribute hasn't been used in over a year (don't be shocked by this, I own over 20 different IEM's and can only listen to a couple at a time) and they seem quite closed-in by comparison. But relax, I have got them "cooking" on the AudioSizzler App (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/audiosizzler-audio-burn-in/id395987863?mt=8) and I expect much better results in about an hour. I think they need to wake up is all! LOL

Here are some pics:




So to be continued...


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Originally Posted by lukipela View Post

Considering getting these, are the Amazon price of 159$ worth it?


imo the trumpets are an amazing deal at the $150 price point. dont forget, the Monster lifetime warranty & the 1 time full exchange policy. not many vendors can beat that.

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So after 'waking up' the Trumpets I have to conclude that I would choose the RE-400's overall. Sadly I am pressed for time so I can't post anything longer but basically in direct comparison the Trumpets have a slightly thinner, more stylized treble than the RE-400. The Trumpet's highs can sound a bit dull at times in comparison but that does not make the RE-400's bright. I think the RE-400's top end is more realistic by virtue of possessing more 'meat in the bones' and better extension which delivers more layered and harmonically richer overtones.

On the other hand the Trumpets are bassier but perhaps a tad too much. I will admit that it is a nice effect with recordings that are lean at the bottom, but at the same time can be a bit overbearing with recordings that don't need LF help. Overall I find the midrange quality comparable on both IEM's.

While I preferred the RE-400's with rock (a tighter, cleaner presentation with better dynamics) it's a closer race with acoustic jazz but I would still give the RE-400's the nod. There just seems to be a hair more information coming through with the RE-400's. Tape hiss on Miles Davis' Kind of Blue seems clearer and more realistic in 'weight' if that makes any sense? It's a slightly thinner, EQ'd version with the Trumpet.

Having said all this I still *adore* my Miles Davis Trumpets and find them a solid recommendation at the current street prices. They have a distinctive personality & look I really enjoy - and devoid of a direct comparison vs. the RE-400 or the higher-end RE-600 for that matter -  I still find much to like here plus it's got ControlTalk feature which is very convenient feature to have. Neither HiFiMAN model offer ControlTalk.

But yet, at $99 the HiFiMAN RE-400 is a hard act to follow.





All my best,


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Interesting comparison. I have the Trumpets, a big fan, but I prefer them for the reason that I like to use them outside, not so much at home, where I have other, better in-ear phones but without the iPhone controls (which I must have outside, can't stand not using a control IEM with my iPhone 5). I wear them over the ear, too, which I find preferable in terms of SQ, could be canal shape, not sure. Not the best for the mic/controls, but it still works and makes them feel more comfy too. I use the mid-sized stock silver tips, fit is just great.


I can understand they can be outdone by many IEMs, but for $150 or so, I really do like them much more than other phones I have tried in the same price range.


Thanks for the comparison. That Hifiman player looks cool, too rich for my blood though. I primary use my iPhone, a Clip+ and an iPod shuffle as players.

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Thank you vinylrules, that was extremely helpful. i just ordered the Trumpet, I think they will be difficult to get for $150 in the future. Also I love that trumpet design lol, and all the accesories are worth the extra money IMO. I'm intrigued by the Hifiman though, the build quality seems really good, the cable looks very sturdy while the trumpet's cable look rather flimsy... I really want to try out the Hifiman, so I think I'll be buying them next month. Anyway, you said that the Trumpets are bassier and I'm sure I'm gonna love them. Can't wait to hear them. Thanks for the comparison.
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You are welcome alucard177. My pleasure!

Yeah the Trumpets are bassier but in a good way. They are not loose. Just be sure to run them hard (break-in) for 50-75 hours before any critical listening sessions. I think you'll be happy and for only $99, why not, add the HiFiMAN RE-400 to your arsenal! wink_face.gif

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Well, my trumpets arrived the past week. I've been listening to them and I love the sound and looks, unfortunately I'm not sure if I'll be keeping them. I'm unable to find a proper fit/seal, I've tried all the tips and none is working for me, the headphones keep falling off my ear canals with the bigger tips, and the smallest ones just don't seal enough. It's sad because the sound is really, really good

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Same here. I had to put some audio-technica plastic ones as every single buds included in the box (and there were a few...) were not comfortable for me
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I have always liked the sound of Miles Davis Trumpets. However, I never found a good fit with them, so I have kind of  given up on them. Hifiman RE-600's sound even better and the fit is great, so those are my favorites now.

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Mine are already going for warrenty remplament. Right driver rattle in low end rumbling frown.gif

I guess ill get a bnib set
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Hi folks. my Miles Davis tribute broke down the second time and if I RMA I will be getting the Miles Davis Trumpet. Now that the trumpet is selling for around $155 on Amazon I will be taking a loss as I paid over $300 for the tribute. I am from Singapore and each time i RMA it cost me around $50 to send it to Monster.Please advise what should I do. Thank you

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My fiancé loves my trumpets, and she uses them almost exclusively with her Sansa Clip. It fits her ears perfectly, and the sound from these are world class. A bit bassy for me, but then again I love my JVC HA-FXT90's.
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Atankh, go with the trumpets if you think they will fit your ears. They are completely different from the tributes in fit, so that is the slight risk you take. They don't for me so well, but they aren't too bad, and they for my fiancé perfectly, so she uses them. The sound quality, as backed up by many here including joker, is world class, so you can't go wrong with these as RMA replacement..if they fit?
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