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That sucks :-(   Hope it gets sorted out. Another IEM to add to my never buy list :-(

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Originally Posted by BustyBloke View Post

Truer words were never spoken. Just snapped right off when I pulled it out of my ear. I go very easy on my IEM's btw - I have never had anything like this happen to my other 'phones.


It's a shame too, I really liked the way they sounded... So much for the "rugged strain relief" which supposedly protects the cable and withstands heavy use. The black part of the strain relief is just really thin plastic, and mine cracked in half.  


I didn't yank the cable to get the earpiece out. I always tried to grab the gold metal ring at the end of the earpiece when inserting or removing the 'phones, but unless you have microscopic tweezers for fingers, it will be very hard to avoid putting pressure on the black plastic bit.


2012-01-26 23.59.29.jpg


Will try to call up on the "unheard of limited lifetime guarantee" from Monster and keep you guys posted.

maybe in reality and science, the overall weight of the cord and the plugs were much heavier than the phones.

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Does anyone know where I can get replacement standard tips that come with trumpets ?


Any other single flange tips that will fit just as well ?


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I wouldn't say the cord nor the plug(s) was heavier than the IEM itself. I don't know how you pull it out of your ear, but I always took it by the gold part so it never gave any strain to the cable.

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Just to follow up on my post about my broken cable above.


In short, they replaced my broken phones with a new pair, no questions asked. For those of you who care to read on, I would just like to share a few things from my visit.


Finally got around to visiting Monster's Hong Kong distributor, called Dah Chong Something or Rather Company today. Their office was in a run-down industrial building (as opposed to a nice commercial office type building). I understand that the system over here is a little different from the States because I think you have to post your headphones back and forth and communicate over the phone with Monster (correct me if I am wrong). I suppose this in-person-service system works in Hong Kong because the place is so geographically small that anyone can travel anywhere in the region within a few hours. Monster products are also crazy-popular over here.


There was a young fella in front of me who complained that his iBeats (?) remote + mic functions did not work with his Samsung Galaxy I. The man at the counter tried to explain to him that the Control Talk features only work on  Apple i-Devices because the Galaxy I uses a different pin-out plug. The young fella left in a fit of rage.


Next up was a lady returning 2 pairs Beats by Dr. Dre (don't know the model, but they folded up). Not sure what the problem was.


Then it was me. I opened up my box to show the man behind the counter the broken strain relief and explained to him that it broke when I pulled it out of my ear. He checked my receipt (which was from an authorized retailer), and gave me a little form to fill out. He went out back and returned with a new set of MD Trumpets mint in the box. He opened the box and just gave me the new phones to try out. They worked fine, so he took my old broken phones away and told me that I don't get the new accessories as well (which is fair, I wasn't expecting to get another copy of Sketches of Spain + tips + cases anyway).


The guy behind me also had a broken pair of MD Trumpets, so we went off lamenting how fragile these phones were but how much we liked the sound. Turns out he had a cable fault too, though his did't break completely off like mine. He said he wanted to "upgrade" to a pair of MD Tributes and that he would pay for the price difference, but not surprisingly, the Monster staff said no. I told him that my MD Tributes seem pretty flimsy at the cable joint as well and that I am a little reluctant to use them on the go, so it probably wasn't a good solution for him.


I got caught up in the moment and brandished my good old Ety ER4.S, exclaiming how durable they were. The Monster staff and the other Trumpet owner silently stared at them, in awe, I thought at first. Then they both talked about how beautiful the MD Trumpets were in comparison... and they were right, the ER4.S's look like they were cobbled together from spare computer parts in the 1980's.


The Monster staff went on to explain that they use bio-degradable plastic in their headphones, which is supposedly weaker than regular plastic. I am not sure what to make of this, but it almost seemed like an admission that there was a problem with their product's durability. Mine broke within a month and the other guy said his pair was 2 months old.


All in all, it was an interesting experience. Monster really came through on the limited lifetime warranty, so I am glad. Of course,  I would rather they not break in the first place.


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Amazon lightning deal right now for $199.
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Originally Posted by Zamboni Guy View Post

Amazon lightning deal right now for $199.

Tempting to compare them with my Yamaha EPH-100. I think Yamaha was after the same idea.



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Monster is replacing my miles davis with these headphones and so far it looks like I'll enjoy them.  Only question is has anyone had luck getting custom molds/ a company to do them for these headphones?  Was about to do it on my miles davis but then the left drivers went all quiet 

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I hope it is ok for me to post this here ....  If anyone sells their Miles Davis ..... I will buy them.



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I ordered these from Amazon and they should be arriving tomorrow. I cannot wait tongue.gif So, the basic Comply T-400s work with these? I have emailed Comply, but I have not received a response, yet.

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I'm pretty sure T-400s will be too small. I'm certain of it actually, even though I don't have my Trumpets with me currently.

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Originally Posted by Selenium View Post

I'm pretty sure T-400s will be too small. I'm certain of it actually, even though I don't have my Trumpets with me currently.

Hmm.. A previous poster said he had to stretch his out.  Would you happen to know any foam tips that are compatible?

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I just received these a few days ago and I have had the opportunity to listen to them throughout this weekend.  Initial impressions are that they are, by far, the best looking IEMs I have owned. However, the tips that came with these are almost a deal breaker.  The foam tips are really stiff and the three sizes of normal tips don't really work for me.  The mic control keeps pulling the left speaker out of my ears and breaks the seal I had.  I can't really say anything about the sound because I don't think I'm getting the right seal.


Anyone know of a compatible foam tip that works with these? I use comply tips for pretty much all my IEMs and I'm disappointed to know these aren't compatible with them..

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Looks like another 'form over function' type of earphone thanks to Monster. That earpiece sure looks flimsy as hell.

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Look for microdriver tips.  Like the Meelec CC51 and the JVC's that use microdrivers.  That might do it, not sure 100%.

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