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For Sale: FS: TTVJ Slim in Excellent Condition

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For Sale:
FS: TTVJ Slim in Excellent Condition

Will Ship To: CONUS

I bought this excellent little amp a couple of months ago to compare against a Pico Slim that I bought at the same time.  I ended up going balanced recently (couldn't resist the SR71b with balanced JH16s) so now both little amps are for sale (the Pico Slim is offered in a separate listing).  As it turns out, I literally never used the Pico Slim (I preferred the TTVJ Slim's form factor and "tube-y" sound), and I used the TTVJ Slim maybe two dozen times for a total of probably less than 20 hours.   I love this amp but once you go balanced you can never go back!  Here is the original listing where I purchased it from:  It's black in color and in pristine condition (the original listing has pix and more info).  I would liike to sell it for exactly what I paid for it:  $315.  This price includes any paypal fees and Priority Mail shipping within the U.S.  By the way, yes, this amp includes a DAC.


Price lowered to $300.


My feedback is immaculate here (my old feedback: ), and at such sites as eBay, Nikonians, Audigon, and Fred Miranda.

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Locals who can do pick-up (I'm in the SF Bay Area) can get a $10 discount.

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Much interest, but still for sale. 

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Price lowered to $300 to encourage a quicker sale!

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