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Logic Pro for Christmas

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Well I ended up getting Logic Pro for the holidays and after messing around with it for a while came up with this beat.  Just wondering what what you guys think...  honest opinions so don't hold back the harshness (do keep in mind its my first attempt haha).


Anyone else ever mess around with audio recording?  Hip hop or not. 

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Logic Pro is one of the best (for me best) music composing programs out there. It's pure evil ;D Almost all soundtracks for big hollywood movies are done in Logic. It have best sound (if you master the final sound right of course), all huge composers use it, if you know band Hybrid, they are pure Logic producers & they work with Orchestras, so it's not easy :D IMHO it's the biggest advantage of Apple over all rivals. Take for example ProTools... in latest version it looks like logic & it uses similar thins... it's almost rip-off (bad one), but yes it's usable to, no argue there. The only program which can be almost that good is Ableton in latest version. It maybe the best program for live performing & DJing (Logic can be used for live too, maybe it's better tho... I've never used it like that), but in compose... Logic will be always better (at least for me!), the sound is not sou pure evil :D good luck & good sound

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I'm not a huge fan of hip hop but that was pretty good

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Thanks for the comments..yeah iv had a lot of fun with it so far.  Have learned a lot about it which is making it addicting. 

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I've been trying to learn my way around music production programs but I just can't seem to. They're like a whole different language!

Its frustrating because I'd really like to start putting my ideas into actual use. Every time I open up the manual for Cubase 5, I get depressed..


Dece beat btw. It gets pretty repetitive, and there isn't much to it.

Remember, music is about the experience. The intro to your song should help you get your listener acquainted with what your about to have them listen to. Then, you start bringing out the body of your song. Slowly at first, but have it build up by adding more instruments, or speeding up your existing instruments. In your last verse, add a new harmony and add a new layer to an already existing instrument. For instance, if you've been working with hi hats the whole song, in your last verse, incorporate open hi hats to give a climatic feeling. Just some ideas..

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I honestly couldn't give you a good opinion on it. I'm new to music production software, and Cubase 5 is just another program that I can't seem to wrap my head around.

Would you recommend I try Logic Pro? I'm basically looking for an intuitive program that is good for beginners but still has enough substance that it can progress at the pace that I do

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I highly recommend Logic Pro.  It's very easy to use but also allows you to go very deep into production if you choose to do so. 

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