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Of course, everyone is entitled to their opinion, you're right.
But they continue to get negative reviews from year to year, if you were on Yelp, you probably paid attention to it.

Better?  I don't know...  Would not say...

i'm not providing an opinion about SS. i'm just relaying my experience. i cannot tell you how terrible they are or how they provided poor customer service, etc. (per yelp and other review sites) because i personally have not experienced it. i'm just conveying my personal experience, which happened to be positive. i would have done the same had it been a negative one. 

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They are trying to rip me off right now. I ordered an guitar effect and got the package in a few days. After I opened it I realized they did a bait and switch and sent me the smaller unit. I complained and they blamed it on amazon. I sent the unit back and they only gave me a partial refund making me pay a restocking fee and shipping. This is a total rip off and I would not trust this company at all. I am  currently escalating to Amazon and disputing the charges through my CC company

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What happened with this? Will you able to get the full refund? I should've listened to all their bad reviews because now I am having a terrible experience myself dealing with them. They are clearly not honest and have sketchy business practices. I'll get more to that soon.

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Hey I just bought some TH600 from Sonic Sense and wanted to share my experience. I bought them on ebay, they were used in a display, and it said they had never been worn or connected. I bought them without reading reviews, and when i saw the reviews after the fact it made me a little nervous, so i messaged them and told them i was a little nervous about shipping damage.


So I got them today, and they are in the condition that they were advertised to be with no visible flaws. Came with all original boxes and even in the plastic bag thing that they originally came in. So i have to say that i did not have the poor experience that so many have. Maybe they have changed their business practices, and made an effort to improve?


Either way, Im happy with my new TH600 :)

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Are they dead? Haven't seen a update from them in Soundcloud for months.

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Originally Posted by Christianh View Post

Are they dead? Haven't seen a update from them in Soundcloud for months.

I saw they were asking for crowdfunding to post their headphone, speaker, etc. samples a few months back but that's it, they fell off the radar.

     In the past I've ordered from Sonic Sense on two previous but separate occasions, first for the DT880s and then the Presonus' Eris E5. Both times, they emailed me a couple hours later saying that they were out of stock. I never really bothered after that experience because I hate calling in general, although the online samples were useful.   

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Did this place shut down? The last complaint that the website is down is from November...
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The company didn't just fall off the radar, it seems to have expired.  The crowdfunding thing must have been a last ditch attempt to survive.



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