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d5000 and hd650

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Been using d5000's for about a year now, but received a pair of hd650s as a gift. it seems unreasonable to have two cans so which one should i let go? in hopes of possibly upgrading the amp i use. (currently using the style audio dac/amp)



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If you like classical and jazz, keep the 650's. 

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I think you should be able to make that decision best for yourself. 

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Originally Posted by charli3 View Post

If you like classical and jazz, keep the 650's. 


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Female vocals sound really sweet on the HD650. But yeah, ultimately, the decision should be yours since you can actually sit there and compare which one suits your tastes better. Just let your HD650s burn in a bit first.

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Interesting.  I just did an extensive review of classical and jazz on my D2000 vs. HD650 and found them to be similar, with a slight edge going to the D2000.  I wonder what the D5000 are like.

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I don't know what the HD650 sounds like, but I prefer my new D5000s to my old HD595s by a hundred miles. You should decide this for yourself, though. You can hear them both, right? See which sounds better to you and ignore anyone who has a contrary opinion. 

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Well, I hate the 595s.  They look great, but that's about it.  I have the D2000 and HD650 right here, but not the D5000.  That's probably next in line to get though.  I can't find enough info on it.  I wish there was an overlaying graph.

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I'm enjoying my HD650 and i heard D2000 too but bass on some tracks was positioned far away back from the rest of music

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That's the best part of the bass.  It feels like the room is huge.  But that's why people like different stuff right?  There's no headphone that has bass imaging like the Denon, and that is one reason to own it.  Getting my D-5000 on Tuesday.  Should be interesting.

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It's a hard decision man, hope you make the right one.  I was in the same situation and eventually chose my denons.  I ended up buying another HD650 a couple months later and now I'm in the same exact predicament once again.

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I would sell both, and get a d7000.

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I have totally confirmed this to be true.  Well, more for jazz than classical, but that's another discussion. 



Originally Posted by charli3 View Post

If you like classical and jazz, keep the 650's. 

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Originally Posted by Vault101 View Post

I would sell both, and get a d7000.


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Got my D-5000 and returned it.  It sounded like an upside down D-2000.  So those complaining about recessed mids might find the D-5000 enjoyable.  To me it seemed too similar to the HD-650 in sound.  Soundstage was not improved versus the D-2000.  HD-650 is more comfortable anyway, so the 5000 is gone.  No reason to try the 7000 at this point.  D-2000 FTW

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