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For Sale: FS: Avenson Audio Headphone Amp

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
FS: Avenson Audio Headphone Amp

Will Ship To: USA + worldwide

2/17/11: SOLD


$525 shipped FIRM within the USA. Add $25 for Canada or $40 for all other countries for USPS Air-Letter Post (international). Add $60 for Express Mail International instead, to any country. I'm the 1st owner and bought this new from one of Avenson Audio's authorized dealers a few months ago. Condition is 10/10 on the Audiogon scale - well, minus some fingerprint smudges on it, but fingerprints are unavoidable on its polished aluminum chassis (and they can be wiped off too with a lint-free cloth).


I wrote a review of the amp here: Please note that the review is only my opinion and will probably not be shared by anyone else - take my opinion as a grain of salt, in other words.


The amp is set for 115V and cannot be changed by anyone other than Avenson Audio. (Sorry but I will not ship back to Avenson Audio for a voltage modification.)


MSRP on the amp is $750 btw.

Edited by Asr - 2/17/11 at 4:00pm
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^ Price lowered and shipping opened up to world-wide. No further adjustments will be made to any prices mentioned.

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^ Price lowered again, would really like to sell this amp ASAP (i.e., this week if possible).

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pm sent

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