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MI Terminator 6?

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Can someone tell me how this cable sounds and is worth it for ~$20?

I have Beyerdynamic DT831s, so I hope it isn't excessively bright
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IMO, MIT makes the world's best cables. There are a lot of other great cables companies out there as well, of course. But, MIT's are known for NOT being bright, without losing any detail on top.

Even though the T6 is the their cheapest, entry level IC, it is still recommended by Stereophile, if that helps.

The only MIT's that I have heard myself are the T2's, and I would recommend them to anyone with an entry level Hi-Fi system.

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Forget new interconnects until you're ready to break the $80 barrier. You've got good stuff, some DH Labs or Kimber cables would lift a huge veil off the music.
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Yeah, I was thinking of something on the lines of homegrown audio super silvers... I think I wont go cheap, I'll get something good.
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The problem with cables is that you will not hear any differences unless you're willing to spend more than $60-$70 bucks on a single pair. Anything less is a waste of money, but spending $100 on a pair of cables may also be a waste of money to you.

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Try them out

Cable issues are a problem because their sonic characteristics are a complex interaction with other components in your system. Price only equates to quality in a broad sense and may not correlate at all to how the cables sound to you. My advice is to buy the cables you want, but make sure you get at least a thirty day trial period to try them out in your system. I have tried out many (30+ brands) and right now I use a variety of cables between different components (For example the cable between my CDP and preamp is warmer than the cable between the tuner and preamp). They include both premade and DIY cables.
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Wow, Audio Advisor has the MITerminator 2s for 80$... I think I will grab them, audition them with some Homegrown audio super silvers, and some zucable oxyfuels (all ~80$, all second to top of the line, all 30 day money back guarentees)... I think I want to know more about zucables so I will try them, shed some light on them.

Anyone have anything to add to that?
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I recently auditioned the Homegrown "Silverlaces" and I found them to be very bright to the point of exhaustion. However I haven't tried the "Super Silvers".

If you are looking for a good match for the DT-831's I would stay away from the silver cables. I am thoroughly enjoying the Tara Labs. RSC Primes, $189. They offer good bass response and nice balanced mids and trebles, they may be a great match with your system & the 831's.

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I have tried the MIT T6, T4, T2 and the MIT 330 on several different systems, also comparing them against some Cardas and Harmonic Tech. and some silver cables. In the MIT lineup the sound improved as you went up in price, but the T6 was still better than the cables that usually come free with equipment. Given the low prices at Audio Adviser, I would at least go up to the T4. The T2 at $80 can outperform much more expensive cables, but only if they are a match for the rest of your system. They tend to be very mellow sounding without being rolled off. Trying them out is the only way to tell for sure. I liked the MIT 330 better than the top line $700 Harmonic tech and everything else I tried in one particular system, but I wouldn't generalize to say that it's a better cable overall. The silver cables I heard were very bright, so I agree with Music Lover that silver cables might not be the best choice for the Beyer's.
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Sliver cables are nasty, I have found all of them to be way too harsh and bright. At least the ones that I have tried, maybe you will need super bright cables if you have an extremely warm tube amp, but I don't seem the need for sliver audio IC's other than that.

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