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The Mac audiophile players like Fidelia, PureMusic, I think Bitperfect, etc, do this.  

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Originally Posted by mrspeakers View Post

The Mac audiophile players like Fidelia, PureMusic, I think Bitperfect, etc, do this.  

Bummer. I am currently a Songbird user since I hate iTunes and I can't really find anything else that manages my library as nicely as Songbird.
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For those looking for an alternative with the best of both worlds. I purchased the Evo the lindemann 24/192 and the Human Audio Tabla Pico for auditioning. All 3 are stock with no upgrades. The lindemann although limited with in/outputs is better sounding to me than the evo but without options to upgrade the usb power supply to DC or anything other than usb I ruled it out. You also have to open the case by removing the screws to switch between 96 and 192. Strange! But at $399 I think it performs well. The Tabla Pico however switches automatically it also uses the M2teck driver and chip with the added benefit of a built in battery DC power supply. I found this to be the best choice of the three.Comparing all 3 stock the Tabla Pico had a larger stage in every direction. Its only $79.00 more than the Evo. The pico like the linemann also has minimal in/outputs but for most.... USB > BNC is all they need.or use the adapter for RCA or S/PIDF. I'm taking all 3 to a shootout Sunday so blind A-B tests still to go.

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Shootout is over wooof.... There were 6 of us and the evo came in last across the board. One preferred the Lindemann and the other 5 all felt the Tabla Pico was the clear winner. More open... the width depth and height were all broader. Glad I sampled all three... returning the Evo and the lindemann tomorrow. If your on a budget I would go with the Lindemann. Human Audio also sells the Tabla $995. it has 2 batts and more isolation... I would love to try it next.

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For all kind of problems related to drivers i have one solution for all this that is Technical Support and its good for my system and drivers  from this i get good service or i get knowledge about system that how can i maintain system.



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M2tech technical support is useless. All you will hear from them is "please be patient, the driver is coming"   and it's been since 2011

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Has anyone here had success with the M2tech driver on OS X Mavericks?  I've downloaded the new version (1.2) but still can't get it to work with my system.  

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