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Head-fiers in Alabama

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Are there any head-fi members in the Birmingham area? Just would be interesting to know. I have done quite a bit of business with a local high-end dealers who told me that I was the only person who ever asks about various phones and phone related paraphenalia.
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Hmmm, I'd be surprised if most people in Alabama could even spell headphone...

(Sorry, sorry, just kidding--I used to live in Atlanta, so it's a a conditioned response.)
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Ah, the intellegensia rears its ugly head.
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Yes this is an ancient thread, but I was going to start a new one for the exact same purpose. So. Any takers? If not, than I'm glad I could bring the grand total to 2. smily_headphones1.gif

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Might catch more head-fiers if we expanded and included the entire southern region. Add MS to this and we'd have a total of 3. MS is the other side of AL anyway.

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Ha, the fact that we're talking about two entire states (granted to many, they are the buttcrack of the country) and we're only up to 3 people is very funny to me. 

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Well, there's a few of us here. A couple have some very amazing rigs. One of them(The Wuss) and I have had several two person meets, we would love to get others involved. Another one of us(Trav) is the one who organized the Canlanta which took place a couple of weeks ago.

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New to the forum...just discovered that there's another world beyond 'run of the mill' consumer headphones (although I do own a pair of Ultimate Ears IEM's that I purchased from BestBuy a couple years ago, but not sure of the model number).  Seems like I paid around $60 for them.


I picked up a copy of Headphone Guide from Walmart and all of my spare time now is about assessing the best buy for me for around $100.  I've printed out the 189 pages of the guide on here and I'm currently going through ALL of the models trying to decide what would be best for me.


So far I like the JVC HA-FXT90.  Has a high sound rating, a high overall rating and no 'cons' in the summation, and the price looks good.


As far as the negative comments about the South...look around...there's a LOT of GREAT THINGS that come from Alabama and Georgia, and yeah, we can even spell.

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Add me to the list. East Tennessee resident, but Tide fan all the way. RTR!!!
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Originally Posted by slowpickr View Post

Add me to the list. East Tennessee resident, but Tide fan all the way. RTR!!!

That's what I'm talking about!
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