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For Sale: Portaphile V2^2

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For Sale:
Portaphile V2^2

Will Ship To: USA

Purchased in September, 2005 and only occasionally used since 2007 is my Portaphile V2 prototype/demo unit. It has different capacitor and a slightly unusual front-panel arrangement than the production version of the V2^2 but the same active components (three channels of AD8610, one BUF634 per channel). My unit's component complement is as follows: 3XAD8610's, 4XBUF634's, 2X3300uF Panasonic FC capacitors. It has the optional "DC back panel" to allow operation from a external power supply.

While it will run on battery power it also includes a 24VDC Elpac transformer for maximum performance. The headphone amp cost me $160 as a "Bargain" demo unit back in the day plus the addtional cost of the Elpac. I'm offering the Portaphile w/Elpac for $115 shipped and PayPal'd, continental USA only please.

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Pix?? Does it eat batteries like my Portaphile Maxxed??

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Originally Posted by tnmike1 View Post

Pix?? Does it eat batteries like my Portaphile Maxxed??

 It's been quite a while since I used it for any extended time on batteries, even though it's a little portable amp I've mostly used it at home plugged into the Elpac. I took it on a cross-country airplane trip when I first got it and used it for 3-4 hours on the westbound trip and not quite that long on the return trip. Thinking it would not go very long on its single 9V I carried a couple of spares. If I recall correctly (this was in 2006) it made it all the way in both directions but that battery died not too long after I got home.


So my estimate from long-ago memory is maybe 6-8 hours on a battery. Definitely not less than six, maybe a bit more than eight on a fresh akaline 9V. I've always felt it gained just a little bit of openness and possibly headroom run on 24VDC wall power, BTW.


P.S. I'm driving Senn HD595 headphones if that matters. With little high-impedence portable headphones I'd imagine it might last a little longer.


P.P.S. I don't remember if it was DIP switches or if I had Cesar set jumpers but it is configured for max performance, including a couple options that shorten battery life.


Y.A.P.S. Oh, and one other thing. I'll include the little USB DAC that I use to connect my Portaphile to the laptop. It's the kind where the DAC is shrink-wrapped into a cable with 1/8" mini-male plug on one end and USB plug on the other. It sounds much better than patching the Portaphile into the laptop's headphone port, obviously.

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The Portaphile has been paid for and shipped. Thanks to friend hydora!

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