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Shure SRH840 vs. Ultimate Ears Super.Fi 5 Pro

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Hey all,

Weird comparison I know, but just wondering the general consensus. Which would give me the 'better'/more accurate reproduction of sound?
Reason I'm asking is because I have a bit of spare cash right now and I'm itching for another sound equipment. Problem is, I already have the Super.Fi 5 Pros and so am wondering if I will appreciate the SQ of the SRH 840 - should I spend the few hundred bucks on it? Will I be impressed if I'm already used to the Super.Fis?
I'm using a Presonus FireStudio Mobile interface on a Macbook Pro.

Thanks in advance!


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Just to let you know the build quality for the UE S.fi 5 Pro's are terrible, within 1 year I sent my UE's in for repair 3 times. Mostly I think has to do with the horrible wire UE uses. Just saying, not sure it others have the same experience.


Edit: Misread your post... How long have you had your UE's for?

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hey lol thats ok. ive had my ue 5 pros for a while now, maybe a year and a half? and youre right, the cable sucks!

im on my third one and already its showing signs of suckiness...

i might look for after market alternatives...

reason why i bought the super.fi in the first place was becasue they were the cheapest dual driver IEM that i could find at the time and i needed some for playing on stage...but i ended up using them for everything. :)

i like the sound of it, before this i was using sony ex71s, so i was quite blown away by the quality...the bass was alot smoother and the highs and mids were so much clearer...all my songs sounded different, but in a good way..

so, am i likely to be impressed by the srh840s? will i step up?

if i get the 840s, ill probably retire the super.fis to just stage use, and use the 840s for everything else, music listening and tracking/monitoring...

i tried looking for a pair on demo, but all the best buys and future shops only have them in the cabinets - cant try them out...

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I think you'll find the Shures quite similiar to your Ultimate Ears as they have a smooth midrange with clear highs that aren't harsh at all, exceptional detail retrieval, and a deep well extended base.  I say take that leap of faith and purchase them, but purchase them from an online vendor like Amazon, so in the unlikely event you don't like them you can return them without any issues.

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thanks for that :)

just picked up the srh840 from best buy...

it sounds completely different!

the singer's voice is more distant...on the super.fi, it feels like the singers is all up close in your face.

theres is definitely more detail. i can hear everything wiht the super.fi, but with these it feels like a a "filter" had been lifted, revealing more detail in the treble...

when it comes to bass though, maybe the phones arent 'burnt-in' yet...not sure i believe in that yet, but i swear when i first listened to the phones the bass seems pathetic, like it was struggling to reproduce the sound, and some lower bass notes were being reproduced...now though its getting smoother, but still i dont 'feel' the bass like the super-fis...i hear all the same sounds/notes but i hear it from each sides of the phones, as opposed to 'inside me' when using the super.fis....maybe itll 'burn-in' over time...or ill get used to the sound more....

maybe using the super.fis for so long had disoriented my sense of audio lol.

thanks for the suggestion.

i feel these phones will do me well for monitoring purposes...:)

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the SRH840 was AFAIK designed as a monitoring headphone, so its response is fairly neutral overall. The bass opens up a bit as they burn in, but even after 50 hours I crave something with a little more excitement (for want of a better term) for rock and electronic music. I've not heard the superfis, but my "fun" IEMs are Monster Turbines, if that tell you anything!

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