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Happy new Year head-fi(ers),

I need some feed back in making a headphone decision.

I recently had a pair radius TWF11R pros, that met with an untimely death after only about 24 hrs of getting them off eBay for $100, I liked them but didn't spend enough time to really get to know them.


I am looking for something that gives good deep bass, but doesn't sacrifice smooth mids or highs that have a bit of 'sparkle'.


I am not a bass head but like a full sound that is not veiled.  I usually find if I have to us eq I give a little bump to the 4000khz range.


My Past headphones are as follows (not in any order) and include MY impressions for reference.


Vmoda Vibes: Fit was okay but seemed to be somewhat marshmallow like just not as veiled. It's been a long time since I had these so my sound memory isn't 100%, maybe 45%


Denon AH-C700k: sounded to bright and subliant, not enough bass unless amped.




Koss Porta Pros: Good overall, would be closest to what I would like to find in an IEM, mabye if he KSC75's and porapros mated they would make the IEM I am looking for.


Koss KSC75: pretty good but not quite the bass detail I would prefer.


JVC marshmallows:  Okay for a cheap pair, bass is okay but detail is not the greatest, overall sound is a bit veiled and 'mushed' together.


Ety hf5's  good IEM's just not enough bottom end: mids are forward but don't kill the highs.


Dre Beats tour.  With the tri flanges not bad but not enough detail in the mids and highs.  Bass is okay for rock, but I amp or eq them for the sound signature I like for rock/acoustic.


I like rock, metal, techno, oldies, pop. basically very eclectic in my likes.  But I prefer good old distorted guitars a solid kick drum keeping the beat and a good bass guitar bringing it all together.


My all time favorite bands are: Metallica (pre-balck album), Megadeth (all).  Beach Boys, Guns n Roses, Bad Company, Bachman Turner Overdrive, Some of the Doors,  Offspring, AC/DC, Def Leppard, Some Floyd, Beatles.  The Four Tops. L.A. Guns.


Current likes

(Wife Influences)

Lady GaGa

Katy Perry


Mariah Carey

Christina Aguilara


(My own finds)

Rise Against


Matthew West

Stoned Roses

Robin Trower

50 cent


Some Kanye West


Basically if a song calls for bass I want it full impact, but if it shouldn't be the focus I want the rest of the music to come through.  If I am listening to stringed insturments I wath to hear the bow as it moves across the strings and I want to hear the breath of woodwinds and brass.  If an acoustic guitar is in the mix I like to hear the pick as it hits the strings.  I like a lot of layers that I can get "lost" in.


I know I have a tall order but hopefully I provided enough information so anyone kind enough to chime in understands my likes and how I 'hear' songs.



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