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don't feel bad.......I was excited about slapping a fancy cable on a DT-990 600ohm.........looked easy enough with the solder pads exposed nicely. What my old eyes couldn't see un-aided was that ultra-thin voice coil wire which managed to come undone on one of the drivers.


I wouldn't attempt doing Beyer's ever again after discovering that, especially with my skill level. Even if the voice coil wire stays in tact, how could one know the damage caused from heat?


I don't believe in re-cable any longer. If you want an aesthetically improved set of phones it makes sense, but sonicly, I have only heard a difference between metal types (silver and copper). The gauge of the copper wire or the composition did not make any difference for me.


The only difference I ever heard with a wire is switching from the silver one shipped with HE-500 to a copper one. I was shocked at the difference. IMO a good piece of 99.99 OFC is quite sufficient.


They're tougher than you think.  Only Grados are so fragile.  In any event, it is best and often recommended to practice recabling a cheaper headphone first.  You want to learn to do it quickly and while keeping heat applied to the voice coils to a minimum.  Recabling a Beyer is really easy from what I've seen so far (DT880/770, T50p, DT440).


Good OFC like Mogami is fine and all, but it can't hold a candle to type 2 litz OCC wire, hell yeah!  :veryevil:

But again, purely optional, only affects, like, 2% of the sound, etc.


It's definitely not a bad idea to reterminate the cable with a hardier plug if need be.  The Amphenol 1/4" plugs are so good for so cheap here in the States.