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For Trade: Monster Turbine Pro Copper

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For Trade:
Monster Turbine Pro Copper

Will Trade For: Turntable
Will Ship To: CONUS

These were given to me by Monster in the review batch months ago.   Since they were given to me, I don't feel good about selling them so I am interested in a possible trade. 


They only have a few weeks of use and are in perfect condition, just not the IEM for me.  I keep trying to find something better than my IE8s to my ears but keep coming back to them.

They include everything as new with all the ca-gillion tips.  I did use one pair of tips, they can be cleaned and sanitized if you really really want them.  (White super tips).



Looks for a decent turntable.  PM with offers.





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How about a 258$ Futureshop gift card?

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