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Best "cheapish" wireless headphone?

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Hi, my sister want to get her BF some wireless headphones which he can use while playing PS3 (while she tries to sleep or whatever I assume.)


There are most likely no über hi-fi requirements but probably as good as possible.


Do all use radio or IR? Both are analogue? Can Bluetooth reach the four or so meters? What's preferred?


Any recommendations for up to 100 $ or thereabout? Thanks in advance :)


(and yeah, gaming, no idea about positioning, closed I assume.)

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Philips SHC8525




Sennheiser RS 120?


Something else?

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Hello aliquis,


you might already have sorted out your headphone dilemma but since I own the Philips ones you mentioned I thought I´d write a few words. I bought them to have something when watching telly or ironing but wasn´t prepared for how much fun they were. They aren´t really hifi-ish - bass can overwhelm them and cymbals etc sound a bit tinnish but I found they injected some liveliness into music and made things sound interesting - some sort of colouration I´m sure but nice to my ears at least. I don´t use them for music anymore except for concerts on TV or DVD but they´re good for that. The soundstage is good and broad so voices and sounds come from different directions when watching programs - I suppose that would help by gaming too. They seem to be well built, both they and the antenna part (whatever it´s called) have fallen to the floor from the top of the TV countless times but they´re still working.

Don´t know the other ones you mentioned and other ones in the same price range might be better but I´m a happy owner of these anyway. Good luck with your search.

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