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Need new earphones.

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Hi guys. I'm pretty noob at all this stuff and was searching google for advice and came by this site. I would like to ask you guys what in ears you would recommend for the $100-200 price range. I'm not really sure on genres but I listen to a lot of Taylor Swift and electronic, metal and various acoustic covers of popular songs. I've been looking at the CKS70 and Turbines but would like your input. Thanks.

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You should start reading this:


Then make a top 5.

After that, search for direct comparisons between your top 5.

Have fun.

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If I were you, I would listen to him up there first, but if you ask me to pick only one,


I would say Earsonics SM2. With coupons you can get it a little over $200. Good for every genre, if you just touch the equalizer a bit. This is the best phone(full sized cans included) I've tried in my life. Absolutely stunning.

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