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most overrated/pretentious bands

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Here is my list of the most pretentious/overrated bands

1. Radiohead. I've been a huge fan since hearing "High and Dry" on MTV when I was 12, but Kid A and Amnesiac simply don't have the staying power.

2. The Vines. Ever since I saw them on the MTV awards show where they dressed up like AC-DC and strutted like Mick Jagger... hate them

3. The Strokes. Their music is simplistic and minimal with nice melodies. They are an average band. And they're tight with the Madison Avenue crowd. ugh

4. Dr. Dre. I've seen so many interviews where people praise him for being brilliant, and I'll agree that The Chronic is a very sonically innovative album, but his work on the SLim Shady Lp and the Marshall Mathers Lp albums is paltry and are probably the weakest productions. Of course he gets credit for them since he's the biggest name in their. Outside of that, his production is pretty predictable: put on a looping syth beat, throw in a few strings for a "menacing" effect, and you've got 90% of his productions.

5. Sleater Kinney. I own one of their higher rated albums. It sucks, it consists of 3 chord songs and scrieching female vocals. I think they receive high reviews by virtue of their gender...

6. Pearl Jam. they've been on a long downhill slide since ten, which I'm not too fond of to being with

7. A Tribe Called Quest. This should probably encompass the entire jazz/rap genre, which like alt-country, is good for a few singles here and there but otherwise is too limited for much creativity.

8. Pete Yorn. I swear, for the love of Mary, the only reason he's so popular is because he looks like Jim Morrison. I mean, cmon, the inside cover of musicforthemorningafter is a big cover shoot. Other than that his songs are fairly amateurish emo/folk songs.

9. Rage Against the Machine. Speaking of cover shoots, RATM has got a nice one inside Battle for LA. Technically they are impressive, with Morello turning his guitar into a scratchboard and their founding of the aggro-rap-rock genre. Songwriting wise they haven't put anything coherent since their eponymous record

10. Wilco. Only because I didn't like Yankee Hotel Foxtrot that much and despite the lavish praise from the critics I found it to be a boring as Being There.
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Lets see...most anything that's popular.

1. Linkin Park
2. Evanescence
3. Metallica
4. Marilyn Manson
5. Avril Lavigne...


Anything that is related to R&B, Rap or Hip-Hop...I just don't like that stuff
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sleater kinney is the kind of music that you either like or dont like... but overrated they are not...

and as for rage against the machine and tribe called quest... you must be joking... I admit that evil empire was a piece of crap... but one bad album does not make RATM bad... you want bad, listen to audioslave

I agree with everyone else on your list... for pretty much the same reasons... and I agree with everyone on d's list... but not with his sweeping statement at the end... everything related to rap or hip hop... give me a break

hmmm... what can I add here...

THE STREETS - so overrated... basically all he says in all his songs is that he's different and not the same... sure he's different... his music sucks... some people are making good music... and he makes crap... way to go

Barenaked Ladies - oh my god... there are other good bands in canada... play them and get this crap off of the radio... sheesh

hmmm... cant think of anything else just yet...
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definately the strokes..and i agree with sleater-kinney on your list
ill add Low, and, lately, the postal service
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The rapture tops my list. It's just not that good, it's generic dance music, nothing more.

Sleater-kinney is one band i've just never understood. I listened to some of their older stuff and i just don't get it. What's supposed to be angry cathartic rock just comes off as whiney and shreaking to me.

The mars volta. I don't think anything need to be said to describe the pretention of cedric "ritual contrition asphyxiation half mast commute through umbilical blisters and boxcar cadavers" bixler.

And while not perhaps relivant to the thread, Audioslave does suck oh so hard.

I think low is one of those bands you really need to see live to apprecate, they put on an amazing live show, but their studio work just doesn't seem to match up.

And just one question: How can you put a band with only one album (the postal service) on terms of lately?
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Any one/two-hit wonder on MTV, which by the way has 23 hours of non-music s**t programming. And the other hour is TRf**ckin'L.
(Sorry for the language)
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What Triumph says.
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Originally posted by blessingx
What Triumph says.
Philip Glass atonal?!?!?!?!?!?!

Glass does write songs, by the way.
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LOL, a lot of the stuff you guys mentioned is so bad it couldn't even be called "pretentious"!

I'll add: U2
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REM & U2 do it for me.

Michael Stipe and Boner just annoy the hell out of me. Admittedly both bands recorded some great albums in the mid/late 80s but recent output from them both has been pretty much a waste of everybody's time and money in my opinion.
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whatever that band that sang "butteryfly" was, they were naked or something like that...really bad band...and alien ant farm too.
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that was crazy town...lol
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Originally posted by blessingx
What Triumph says.
OH that's cold....

"But you can see Christina in all her sl**hood
It's like watching **** but the music's not as good."

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hey, i wanted to quote that same verse

i like some on that song's list (coldplay, white stripes, glass) - but pretentious? oui monsieur, c'est them...
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Originally posted by D-EJ915
1. Linkin Park
2. Evanescence
3. Metallica
4. Marilyn Manson
5. Avril Lavigne...
Yeup, everything here along with the Strokes, Barenakedladies, and seemingly everything in the modern punk, R&B, and rap genres.

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