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JMoney Beyer Pads with RP-21s update: Recieved, w/ general questions

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Hey guys. So I was searching around for new pads for my RP-21s (old ones are getting on my nerves, very hard material with lots of use) and was going to buy the Beyer DT770 replacement pads from their site...which is when I found the JMoney pads. I'm wondering if anyone has any experience using these on RP-21s. wouldn't really be surprised if nobody has - RP21 discussion seems to be much less than I remember (kind of sad to see them not really mentioned in that huge advice thread) but I figured it was worth a shot. I'm more than willing to just go for it, but at the same time, $60 is kind of steep for me right now for a pair of earpads.


I don't see why they would make my headphones sound anything but better, and I'm sure they'd fit and all that, but it'd be cool if anyone had any first-hand experience here.



and a little side-note, a question anyone could answer with these pads (or beyer pads): comfort is the main reason I'm looking for new pads, do you guys think there would be a very noticeable improvement? kind of sick of taking off the headphones for 10 minutes every 45 minutes to cool down. I realize leather is leather (boy do I wish there weren't people saying the velour pads suck the life out of RP-21s...) but I feel like anything at this point would be a step up.

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despite this thread's inactivity, I decided to just go for it and get them. well, I got them, and I hope a few more people see this, because this is really just a general question more than anything, but I didn't want to make another thread.


one thing I didn't account for was getting these pads for non-beyer phones...and now I've got a problem. forgive my lack of headphone terminology here, but the Jmoney pads don't come with the protective...liner thing on the inside of the pads. my guess is beyer headphones have those actually attached to the headphones, or it's easily removable from the pads, or something...I dunno. RP-21 stock pads a little different.





left: jmoney right: stock, obviously.



so this worries me a little. they feel great, they sound great - but no covering. now, I'm not huge on headphones, I kind of just go by what head-fi has told me over the past few years and have gotten very accustomed to my cheap little modded sound card and headphones and been pretty happy about them, so excuse my ignorance here, but...how bad, exactly, is this? I realize there is now lots more room for dust and little particles of whatever to get into the headphones, possibly pretty bad. I'm not too sure about the sound quality hit without the covers - I mean, I can tell the new pads sound MUCH better, for sure, without a doubt, but I can't help but feel like I might be missing something here. I'm just worried, overall.



what can/should I do? I was thinking about possibly removing the covers from the stock pads and somehow getting them onto the new ones (or just laying them under the pads?), but I don't want to ruin everything. I mean, they are stitched on there...




at the same time, I don't want worse sound quality than what I could have, or to damage my headphones, and they do look kind of strange like this...





I guess I've learned my lesson about trying new things D:

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you could try buying loudspeaker cover cloth. They are accoustically transparent. Or you can try thin cleaning felt, but they will change the sound. With any of those, just cut a circle and put underneath the pads.

btw what you got seems like a newer version of Beyer pads. I'm considering them for another headphones, and I need pads that are as thick as possible. Could you help me measure the thickness of those please, thanks. I've tried to contact Jmoney and haven't got a reply yet.

And when did you order thhis? I've seen the pic of those new pads but I heard they are not available yet


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