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For Sale: RWA iMod 5G (iPod Photo) 60GB

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For Sale:
RWA iMod 5G (iPod Photo) 60GB

Will Ship To: US

For sale is my iMod, it's used but has been treated well works great. I honestly have no idea what would be reasonable for a price, so I'll take $150 or any reasonable offer if I don't get that. That price includes shipping, and I would be glad to send it to Vinnie for the buyer so it could be looked over (and I'm sure he'd be glad to replace the battery, although it's still holding a charge pretty well). Feel free to email me with any questions. 




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For Sale: $70 (USD)
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PM sent.

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I should clarify that this was one of the first iMods that Vinnie did (I knew him from the beginning, when he first started selling the Clari-T's) and back then all of the caps were internal so the only output is line level from the headphone jack. I have a Signal Cable silver mini to rca w/ silver Eichmann's that I paid $75 for and would sell for $25. In hindsight I probably should have listed them together for $175. Also have a xin supermicro iv that I'll probably list separately when I get around to it. 



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Can you PM me your email? I have already sent my 2 daily allowed PMs to you.  I tried to PM you again but was denied.

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I want to make an offer but unable to PM you.

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Paypal payment sent.

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It's an iMod 4G, not 5G.

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Thanks for the info.  I noticed that as well before agreeing to purchase it.  The best part about it being a 4th Gen is that Red Wine Audio included the caps inside of the iPod case itself and thus no need for a separate LOD with caps.

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This was a 4G, sorry for the confusion. Sold now though...


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