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Ultrasone Pro 750 vs Pro 2500?

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After doing some more reading (hours and days spent reading various reviews of headphones) it seems like the Ultrasone Pro and Proline 750 are the same headphones. I'm now bouncing between the 750 and 2500, although I've never heard the 2500 I do like a good soundstage so I'd assume the 2500 would be superior because it is an open can. I've been through many threads and searched around but haven't found a decent comparison of these two cans if anybody could chime in.


Also I've read that these headphones require a good source. How would they do with a portable amp like the ibasso D12?

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I'm in the EXACT same situation... I don't know which to get!


I'm leaning towards the open 2500, have you made your decision yet? And have you got an amp, which one?


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I'm pretty sure there are some threads on this somewhere...


First off, I'll go ahead and tell you that I'm a Pro 2500 owner. Though, I have never heard the 750s.

For some reason I get the impression that Ultrasone specializes more in CLOSED design headphones. Their open models actually don't sound that open as you think they should. Their S-Logic might be better suited to a more controlled closed headphone environment; idk, I could be totally wrong.


Look here:



User pataburd compares the 750 and the 2500. Looks like 750 might be superior, but it is only opinion so take it with a grain of salt.


Really, I think the only question you need to ask yourself is: Do I want isolation or not?

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