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Grado RS1 and RA1 pick up!

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Hey everyone! I haven't posted in a good while, but couldn't think of a better group to share my good news with!


Tonight, I came up on an awesome deal. I was going through my local San Diego Craigslist, searched "Grado" and the title, "high end headphone - $150" came up. I originally thought to just skip it, but thought, Oh what the heck, I'll just give it a look. I opened it and read: "hi selling grado rs-1 headphone brand new cost 700 dollars selling for 150 this is a great headphone", I couldn't believe it so I immediately contacted the seller, and just got back from buying them from him! 


I'm happy to report that I am very very happy with the purchase and still can't believe the price I got them for. I had to cough up a little bit more dough online to get some new L cushion pads for em, but $150 for the RS1's, and $20 for the new pads is still much less than half of what the RS1's would've been alone!


I wish I could tell you what version/year of the RS1's they are, but I'm really not sure. I can tell you that they aren't the RS1-i's, because the box is clearly labeled just "RS1", and I can only also depict that they're the button version because of the RS1 button on each earpiece. Other than that, there's no visible serial number or any other markings to really go by. If I had to judge by the box, I'd say they're slightly older. The Label is pretty simple, with no other print on it other than:




Reference Series



The box is also Pin punctured on the back with:




Again, no serial number, item number, production year, or any other number to go off of.


Their sound, IMO, is like the can versions of Westone's UM3x, and if you've read my review on the UM3x, you can understand why I'm so excited about their sound. Also, the RA1 is my first portable (well, somewhat portable) amp I've owned and I really do enjoy it also. It's probably more geared toward a Rock/Acoustic/Jazz/R&B/Classical/Vocal sound. But for Hard Rock/Metal/Rap/Hip-Hop, I don't think it has that lower-mid focus necessary for those genres. Not to take away from it though, it's a great amp! Just though I'd share some info for some prospecting buyers!


Thanks Head-fi members! And if you've got any secrets/tips/info on the RS1's please fill me in! I didn't know too much of them before buying them, other than its high praise, so I'm sure I could learn some new things about em.





I realized I didn't post pictures the first time, and I just did in a later reply, but here's two pics for you guys:





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Sorry dude...you got ripped off big time. Since I feel for ya being ripped off recently myself...as an act of good karma I'll replace the money you lost to this scam artist and in return you can send me the headphones at my loss. 

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Haha! I almost didn't sense your sarcasm the first time I read your post and thought, "Dang man, $150 a rip off!?..."


I see your a Grado owner also. You got a preference on ear pads for em?

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Yeah...you got an awesome deal. I'm actually very jealous and I still think you should send them to me.


But really, yeah...I love my Grados and I would love yours too...the RS1 that is. Very sweet Grado and arguably the best in the lineup. 


On my SR325...I have both the Jumbos and the stock L-cushes..I like both...just depends on my mood. The jumbos are more comfortable, help a little with the sound stage though not a lot, and gives a little extra bass. Bad thing is you loose some of the wonderful Grado mids but that is easy enough to EQ back. But sometimes I am in the mood for the more in yo face L-cushions. Better highs and mids, less bass, smaller sound stage but you get that wonderful Grado sound.

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Wow. Awesome stuff like this never happens to me. I must've crucified Jesus in a past life.

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Cool. Good info, ArmAndHammer. I just bought a set of the L cusions on ttvj and I'm gunna have to try those jumbos. Any experiences with the flats? I've heard those are the most in-your-face of the three, which isn't hard to believe cuz of their in-your-face/ear design.


I know I mentioned my taste in clarity/accuracy over bass earlier, but I can imagine the flats bleeding out a lot of bass because it looks like they don't give much of a seal. I could be completely wrong though, cuz I saw a member previously say that those are the most bass-heavy of the three pads.

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olor1n, I don't know what it is man, San Diego just seems to be a good place for crazy deals! Last year I came across a ton of em. One of them being a Martin Logan Grotto sub for my home theatre for $200! And, I got my 32gb iPhone 4 for $180 within the first week that they came out. San Diego/Southern CA must just be a good place to come up on treasures that were previously another man's trash. 

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I don't know if this helps to solve the vagueness of the year/version of my RS1's but the chord ends with a 1/4 jack, and has a separate adaptor for 1/8 jacks. I just saw a picture of a pair of Grados that had a 1/8 jack as its standard jack, probably vice versa of my pair, as far as the separate/spare jack adapter. 

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Awesome deal. Looks like the seller had no clue about the resell value.

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Thanks, Aizura! And yeh man, he must've either not known the resell value, or was just in very desperate need of money. 


It looks like you have/had a good amount of headphones to judge in the price range of the RS1. (I saw you also own some Senn HD600's, and had a pair of Alessandro MS1's). Which would you rate as the best performer in that price range/league?

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I just ran through the entire Black Keys album, Brothers, and it sounded great through the RS1's! I know the album was recorded with a vintage/low quality emphasis but that doesn't take away from how good it sounded through the RS1's. Very engaging.


It's getting late here in San Diego, so I'll give the RS1's some more auditions tomorrow and fill you guys in! (As if there aren't already enough RS1 reviews/comparisons/etc threads out there already, haha)

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Huh, hard to believe that the RS1 sounds like the UM3X. While i have never heard the RS1, i used to own a pair of UM3X, and they don't sound like how people would describe a grado.

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I guess I meant that in a general sense. The RS1 has a good sense of accuracy like the UM3x has. But yeh, you're right. Completely different sound signature, just a similar goal, as far as accuracy goes.

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Ohh, that's nice to hear. The UM3X sounds totally different from any grado's. darthsmile.gif

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btw, what's the alessandro ms1 sound like? The RS1 is the first Grado brand can that I've gotten to make a judgement off of.

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