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What are *you* grateful for in the new year?

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For me its my physical and mental health. As I begin the approach past the age of 55 (lol), I am grateful at the progress made in overcoming the situation wrought by a traumatic brain injury which occurred in Oct 09. With a subdural hematoma around the right temple, and eventual partial loss of the right frontal lobe. I was in the hospital for 10 days, with 2 in ICU. I got out of there barely able to walk and mentally, with a mind that was muddled, at times confused, and unable to function properly on the job.


With great effort my physical recovery has been gratifying and extremely uplifting. I plan to restart kayak training this year, with the goal to competing again next next season. Mentally I've come a long way, and will be going back to work in the next couple of months. There are still idiosyncrasies with the loss of some right frontal lobe function, but I'm learning to deal with them.


The time off has given me the opportunity to get back into audio and music, and that's good. I'm basically a happy camper. How about you?




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Wow thats a lot to go through.  I'm thankful for more of the little things than I am for the big things.  Its been a growing trend in me the last couple years.  

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I am grateful for the physical and mental health of my wife and I. I am very thankful that her physical condition has not deteriorated to the point of requiring dialysis although we believe it is unlikely to continue being stable through the year. I would be beyond words if 2011 will be the year a donor offers the gift of life.

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I'm grateful that I have made it to 2011, I believe it's the beginning of something new.  However I still have a few more steps to take and it is darkest before the greatest dawn.

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I'm grateful to control my urges to buy a Wine Audio amp last year,


Its hard enough to feed 5 kids and work my way to pole dancing every night.

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Grateful that I am healthy and well. Can't ask for more.

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Originally Posted by joomongj View Post

Grateful that I am healthy and well. Can't ask for more.

Same here, and that I have a job.

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I wish you a good healthy 2011 pigmode, that you might come into the shape you wish!


For the first time in years, I can really say I just hope it will be a year in health. I'm 31, developed very serious 'irritable bowel syndrome' this year, which I'm learning to live with now, and is beginning to get a little bit stable.


One positive thing is that I was at home a lot, letting me enjoy music. But I'd rather be more active in 2011.


So now, for the first time in my life, I wouldn't want things like carriere, money, whatever, just acceptable health will do, if it may. And a little love from my fiancee

I would be grateful for that.

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My son graduates from law school this month.

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I'm grateful for my health and my youth. I just wish I could stay young for ever. (Any audiophile vampires, feel free to come bite me biggrin.gif)


I also want to add that I hope you are doing well pigmode and hope balderon's wife is doing well. Proglover, I hope your IBS continues to get better. It apparently runs in my family and I hope I don't get it.

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I was in a chatroom with my niece and her teenage friends, and they were really really stupid. My niece was phoning one of the guys (on cam... she has boyfriend btw), all the females were starving for attention, and all the males were disgusting perverts. I am so grateful that I'm nothing like them. 

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I'm grateful I have two healthy kids and a good woman that puts up with my antics. I am also grateful school is almost over (summer 2012) so that I may get a start on my new career and make some decent money for a change.

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Thanks for the nice thoughts, and I extend the same to Proglover and everyone else facing new and unexpected challenges.

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I'm thankful for the loving support of family and friends who have helped get thru some difficult times during 2009. I'm thankful that I'm in relatively good health and that I'm currently employed and able to support myself and help out wherever and whenever I can.

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I'm grateful for my mom :D

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