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For Sale: Total Bithead

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
Total Bithead

Will Ship To: US

Purchased in Nov 2009, but barely used, maybe 100 hours on it.  Does not include USB (just mini-mini), but I will throw in 4 rechargable AAA Duracells inside the unit as well as the charger.  Price is $100 shipped in the US.  Any questions just let me know.

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pictures? comes with 3.5 to 3.5 cable or no

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I did find the mini-mini cable and the battery charger, so edited original post and throwing them in as well, same price.  May take a day or 2 to get pictures up.

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sale pending

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I know you said sale pending, but just in case it doesn't go through, and just to be clear, you don't have the part that lets you plug this into computers via USB? Do you happen to know a place to get one then? 

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Monoprice or Meritline is probably the best place for those kinds of cables.  Cheap and comparable quality.

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Thanks for the reply, I sent a PM your way, in case you didn't see it! 



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Item has been sold, thanks.

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