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Poll Results: Are the Sony MDR-V6 Headphones...

Poll expired: Jan 29, 2011  
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They 840 ones had better be better than the 440 ones, as I'm not exactly a fan. They don't feel horrible, but they're plasticky and stiff and don't really form all that well to the head. On the plus side, when I'm not wearing my glasses they seal pretty well. I guess this might be an improvement for V6 users.


Come to think of it, wouldn't velour upset the tonal balance toward extra brightness? I've known about the DT250 pad mod for a while but could never quite figure out how it could be good for an already bright headphone.

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Everyone always talks about the beyerdynamic dt 250 pads but the Shure pads should be considered.

I think the Shure srh 440 earpads make the MDR V6 sound better than the stock pads.

They are also a better fit because are truly circumaural you could also use the Shure 840 pads which are a bit nicer pads


Or you could just buy a better headphone instead.





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You would probably like 440 better with 840 pads.


The fit of the MDR V6 it really doesn't matter which pad you use.

Its just the 440 pads as a pair are much cheaper by half so its very cheap to try them out as replacement pads.



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Gotcha. I may yet try the 840 pads. I even imagine they might improve the sound very slightly by moving the drivers slightly closer to the ears, which should tilt the balance a little more toward the bass. I'm assuming the memory foam will compress more than the stuff in the 440 pads. In fact, this might benefit the V6 as well. But I hear you about the price issue. Pads can be surprisingly expensive.

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How about the Sennheiser HD438s? Are they good for my preferences?

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Replacement pads for my Sony MDR-V6.

Beyerdynamic EDT 200 Velour ear pads or Pearstone deluxe Velour ear pads?

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I've always been curious to try a pair of these Sony V6's, but am afraid there might be too much sibilance as some people have mentioned. Are there any mods that can reduce this? Or can sibilance be reduced by eq-ing?

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Stick a piece of soft felt in front of the drivers. Done. 

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Hi guys. I got the v6 this Monday and so far i am liking them.

They are bright and have good clarity (for me at least).

I also have a pair of creative Aurvana Live! and a pair og Akg's K518dj.

The v6's are not as bassy asd fully sounded as the other 2 of course but i also did not find the aurvanas that great as some describe (i got the v6's and the aurvanas for about the same price 50 pounds).


All in all all of them are great headphones, it is hard to choose for me between the v6 and the aurvanas since they different sound sigs (bright vs warm) but in terms of detato my ears they are about the same.


Two good headphones, but not as good as some say and i am also starting to believe that the m50's are overhyped as well since when i was deciding to buy these to pair some told me to ty the m50's but people who had the aurvanas or the v6's and that already had the m50's told me they were not worth what they cost whrn compared in terms of sound quality to the aurvanas or the v6's.


All in all it is all about wich sound sig we like...


But the bass on the vm6 is not that bad. Punchy not as strong as my k518's but more controled than the bass of the aurvanas but you still can get a good kick when playing bassy tracks with decent quality. 


Playing Bart Claessen's and Dave Schieman's "Madness (I prefer this mix)" through my ipod touch on the v6 is a pretty good experience , not a full bass head experience like on the akg's but still they can throw a pretty full, kicky and tight bass.



(i got the v6's  mainly for trance because of the bass but specially because of the highs,,, :)  )


By the way please check the mdr v6 apreciation thread. I posted some pictures of mine just to check if they are legit. But i am pretty sure they are since they sound good, seen and checked every single detail of the headphones and packaging and got them from amazon uk....

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I was recently able to audition a pair of Sony V6's at a local headphone store and compare them with some sr60's, ath-m50's, hd280 pros, and even some amplified hd650's. Suprisingly, the V6's were the hardest to put down! The other day I found them directly from Amazon for $54 shipped (here in the US) and quickly ordered them. Then the very next day the price went back up to the usual $69 usd. Has anyone ever gotten a fake v6 directly from amazon (as in not a third party seller)?

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Just received them and they are not fake, so it seems directly through Amazon is still safe. I am thinking of getting different pads for comfort that won't change the sound too much. Perhaps lessen the bass a little? Anyone know how genuine leather pads would affect sound quality?

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No clue about the leathers. 


The velours make the treble a bit less sparkly, but you don't really notice than unless you have a pleather side by side to compare. The bigger difference is that they isolate less. 

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So by velours isolating less, would that include losing some bass? I find my pair has a little more bass than I wanted..

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They don't really lose much bass, but if you are on a bus or something, you'll feel a decent drop in bass since sound leaks in more. 


I don't think I could identify velour vs pleather by sound if I didn't have them side by side. 

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Holy cow! I just tried that toilet paper mod at the beginning of this post and it made these so much more comfortable! I used strips of cloth from an old t-shirt rather than toilet paper though. As for change in sound, perhaps a very slight loss in bass, which I was looking for. I may try adding an extra level of foam between the driver and my ear to reduce the treble a little and these cans will be perfect

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I found this fabric (shown in pic at bottom) at a craft store for a whopping $0.12 and slid it in between the driver and ear pad. It takes most of the harshness out of the treble, yet the small holes let enough pure sound to come through so the sound signature isn't changed. Bass maybe took another slight reduction if any, and now this along with the earlier performed tissue mod to the original ear pads, I now have the perfect flat and non fatiguing sound I have been looking for. I do not perceive any noticeable loss in detail, and these two mods are cheap and non-permanent.





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