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For Sale: SOLD: Eddie Current Zana Deux #11

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For Sale:
SOLD: Eddie Current Zana Deux #11

Will Ship To: CONUS

For sale is Eddie Current Zana Deux #11. I am the sole owner of this amp, it was purchased direct from Craig at Eddie Current. Along with the amp will come a batch of extra tubes for rolling - 6SL7's from Brimar, Tungsol etc.See photo. There are also alternative rectifier tubes to roll and a pair of backup power triodes. I also have the front dress plate and extra knobs offered by Craig. There are some marks on the top of the outboard power supply and one end of the umbilical's flex has come away from the heat shrink. You know the reputation. Many have heard this amp at meets around the midwest. Everyone has always loved it. Now it can be yours. FYI - I'm selling only because speakers have become my preferred listening mode and the Zana was sitting cold and lonely. I'm asking $1800 + shipping. CONUS only please. I will ignore lowball or absurd offers. I'm not interested in trades of any type. Thanks for looking

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