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Originally Posted by mark2410 View Post

Brainwavz M2.  its becoming my default recommendation


Originally Posted by DigitalUser View Post

If you are considering Klipsch Image S4 then you might want to also look at Sunrise Xcape.

I would suggest one of these two. M2 would be the more bassy and "fun" choice, Xcapes manage to be surprisingly detailed while retaining a warm general signature.

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You wanna say that Klipsch s4 do not worth their money?


I dont like Xcapes and I also dont like too bassy IEMs, as I said before, so, between these :


  • Brainwavz M2
  • Klipsch s4
  • iPod IEM (dual driver)
  • iBeats


The best ones (statistically) are the M2s?

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Wel, because I'm going to buy them the next few days I wanna ask you this: 

Because I don't know what do you mean that s4 are bassy etc. Imagine that we have a scale from 1 to 10. ( 1--> The most analytic sound, 5--> Just in the middle/neither analytic nor bassy, 10--> badass bassy ) With these grades, grade:


1)stock iBuds

2)Brainwavz m2

3)klipsch s4

4)Apple IEMs (with dual driver)



p.s. 1. I'm doing these questions in order to compare them with my iBuds (I know I can't compare them but just to have an idea of what they'll sound like)

       2. Klipsch s4 must be worn over-the ear only, in order to give their real SQ ?


Thank you a lot

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