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For Sale: FS: Numark PHX Pro

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
FS: Numark PHX Pro

Will Ship To: Anywhere


I have decided to sell my:


Numark PHX Pro headphones. Same ones as reviewed by Joker in his thread( ). Comes with all packaging and accessories. $50 shipped and Paypal'd(CONUS). Add $20 if you the Cardas HPI as well(same as sold on Headroom for $45).


Etymotic MC5 ---> SOLD


Xears Bullets. Same from my thread, Rawster's and soon to be reviewed in Joker's IEM thread. Slightly modded with screens and any excess adhesive removed from the tubes. Comes with the stock tips and case. SOLD


Sennheiser CX281. Comes with tips, packaging, case, and dual jack splitter. Mods include screen removal and drilling out to make the sound tube opening wider. This resulted in a more open sounding phone with more dynamic bass and a larger soundstage. Now including a pair of MX471. SOLD


Thanks for looking! PM with any questions/offers.

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^ Weekend bump. I also have a pair of Beyer DT250 velour pads. Tried once on the Numark so they are like new, $15 shipped. I will do the whole Numark package including the Cardas HPI and Beyer pads(4 cables, 3 sets pads, 3 adapters, and original packaging/paperwork) for $80 shipped and Paypal'd.

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MC5 are now SOLD!


Price drop on the Numark to $50 shipped(CONUS). Also willing to trade them for a pair of Ultimate Ears SF 3. Straight up trade depending on color/condition etc. PM me.


Bonus with the CX281. I will include a pair of the matching MX471 earbuds since I really never use them.


Xears Bullets now down to $20 shipped.


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Willing to bundle to clear out my earphones. Bullets, EX082, CX281, and MX471 for $30 +$5 for packing/shipping and any Paypal fees. I'll take $30 shipped via Paypal gift.

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PM  ed..

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Earphone bundle is now SOLD!


2/24 Update:

Numark are now SOLD as well. All are gone to new homes. Thanks to all who inquired!

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