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me needs some help choosing cheap IEMs.....

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as the title says...i need some IEM under $30...ill tell u why my budget is so less....because im also buying 2 other over ear headphones....but i thot i need some IEM which would be a little more portable for everyday use.... i listen to Mostly Rap/Hip Hop...so i need some IEM which has powerful bass...and also has clear mids and highs..the bass need to be pretty much punchy and deep... the cheaper the earbuds the better for me caz i dont want to spend much on earbuds... IEMs doesnt seem to like at all...none of the IEMs ive tried stay in my ear unless i use the foam tips... so its better if i get some clip IEMs...but doesnt really matter if its not clip ons... ive found the following headphones....they have received a lot of negative and positive reviews... but i dont knw which seem to match my criteria  the most...

1. MEElectronics M6 (clear) =$19

2. SoundMAGIC pl30  =$28

3. Elago E3 =$10

4. Sony PiiQ clip On =$23


These are the earbuds ive found so far...so which of them matches my criteria and are best bang for the buck?? Id love to hear from you abt these and other recommendations are welcome as long as they match my needs :D



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I don't know the others, but m6 have enough bass to rumble your brains if you can fit it right. and they probably sound better than those other alternatives with mids and highs.  memory wire should keep it on you. 

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Ehmm the philips SHE9500? They actually sound very good for the 8 bucks that they can found selling at on ebay. Refurbished that is as the MRSP is 59.

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Koss Spark Plugs have a lot of bass without any mods.  They might suit your needs with rap and hip hop music.



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i seem to like the reviews of the plugs...both the plug and sparkplug...and they are quite cheap too..hmm

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Koss Spark Plugs look good.

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try to find a review here, don't mind the amazon reviews. I'd be really surprised if they are better than m9/m6, I don't know anything about them, though.

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M9/M6 will be a good choice at that price point

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umm..seen the reviews of bth of them... m6/m9... m6 looks better to me..i believe it'll fit me better...and not fall out... i wanted to have a clear type IEMs like shures...but never thot ill find one at this price range.. overall m6 seem a better choice for me... and also all the reviews says so.... so m6 is the one i think imma buy..but are there any IEM like this one?

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or better?? but under $30?

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you can get discounts from meelec for the m9/m6 earphones.  i got my m6 new for 15 shipped.  they usually have them for under 20 with discounts. they also come with an assortment of tips so you can get the best fit.

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m6 sounds great for the 13 dollars I paid them but I find it really hard to find the correct fit. Maybe it is just me but the problem with the fit is not the iem falling off, it is about sound quality. If I push it too much into my ear, bass becomes overpowered and muffled. If it is not in enough, than mids and highs are clear but there is no kick. there is a region, a correct amount of insertion that makes m6 good, but it takes me some time to figure out.  So the difference in SQ compared m9 (which you can get for 10 bucks if you follow meelec facebook page, btw) might not be enough to choose it over m9. again, it might be just me, and my ears.

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how is the sq compared to soundmagic pl30?

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