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help with choosing headphones?

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Hello, I need some help in choosing headphones. I have a budget of 100 dollars.. I can currently get shure SE210 and the srh440.. Which should I get? Does anyone have any other suggestions? It will be mainly used with an ipod, and an mp3 player.. I listen to various genres. I owned some skullcandy hesh but they were terrible and broke. I was looking at some solo HDs my friend was selling but decided the srh440 at the price and quality were much better. Help!
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I'm not sure if you asking for full sized headphones, where you posted....


I'm sticking to it


Beats is a rip off. Period. And so are Skullcandy


For $100: Grado sr80is

Their open headphones, meaning the sounds leaks out because of the design. Yet they are the best sound you can buy

sr60is are cheaper, with a not as great sound, yet still worth it


Those are full sized, not in ear


Some portable headphones:

Under $40: Koss Portapros, $32, and the cheapest, and best way to get sound. It's as close as you can get to grado sound, without grados.


I'm not good with in ear or buds for the matter but try this thread:


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ATH-M50 absolutely destroys the Beats.  Its a great headphone unamped and can be amped for even more!  Infinite volume with 0 distortion.

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Ok thank you I am leaning toward the ATH-M50s now.
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Oh, definitely pick up the Shure 840 Pads to make the m50 even more awesome!
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But, the op says he is on a budget of $100...and the M50's are over budget. 

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M50s are over 100?!  Wow!  They were brand new a couple of months ago from B&H for under a hundo.

Well I am thinking about selling my M50s to fund future curiosity.

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