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IC: B&W P5 vs Beyer T50p vs Senn HD25-1 Shootout - Page 4

Poll Results: Would you want a three way shootout??

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Just did a little back to back listen with the P5 and HD25 playing "Better Things" by Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings AAC 256kbps straight off iPhone source, eq turned off. 


The first 30 seconds really separate the cans. With the P5 the sound is really nice and warm, but with the HD-25 I got a lot more separation of all the elements. The opening seconds feature some bass, bongo, horns, handclaps, electric guitar, piano, and some background noise of laid-back party conversations. The HD-25 brings everything out in the mid-range, and the background conversation is really presented well. When I pop on the P5 the same intro has a much different feel. The keys on the far left end of the piano suddenly appear out of nowhere (hardly noticed them in the HD-25 presentation) while all that cool background convo that sets the stage for the song is almost entirely obscured by the bass. Either way the presentation is very pleasing - it's just hard to say which is better.


That said, fiddling with the EQ at home I can approximate the P5 sound on the HD-25. I don't know if the reverse is true with the P5. On a completely different comparison, I have to say the P5s are super comfy and the earpieces rotate flat for storage quite nicely - unfortunately the cable looks a little too weak for my taste. 


I also want to warn everyone that I'm a bit of a newbie to the headphone scene - just in case that colours how you view my assessment. 


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The dt250s were always my go-to cans for honesty in audio. I agree with everything you say here, except that the p5 delivers more of what I want to hear in a portable headphone. But I sold the dt250 (and dt990!) because t5p is incoming.


I went back and forth on the issue, given that a new t70 and t70p is incoming. It could be predicted that'll mean a refresh to the dt880 and dt990 as well. But then what does that mean for the 600ohm versions? Will there be one? Will it start out as manufaktur only like it did in the last big refresh? It's going the same way it did back then so far...


So no, the t5p seems to still be its own headphone, so I decided to not wait. To have let go of the trusty dt250s, they better be frakkin' good.


Originally Posted by Duncan View Post

To add to the confusion, last month I bought myself another pair of Beyer DT250-80's (after about a five year absence)...


To me it changes daily, yet todays favor-o-meter reads as...


Senn HD25 -> Beyer DT250 -> B&W P5 -> Beyer T50P...


...I think that the T50P could've been pretty much at the top of the tree if they'd have had bigger earcups (now I know the T5P is in the mix there somewhere, but they're a whole lot more expensive!!)...


To me, the DT250 would be perfect beyond all compare if they had the bass of the HD25, but hey - I guess you can't win them all! :(


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Which cans have the best noise isolation out of the ones mentioned above?  I'm looking for something to use in a noisy office.  Also the vice grip of the HD25 worries me a bit...

I'm looking to buy one of these cans in the near future, is there any sales i should be aware of?  The sponsored sale on this forum for the beyerodynamics isn't as good as amazon.



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