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How does the housing size of the mx980 compare to the PK2?

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Since I own both, PK2 fits perfect inside my ear. Where, sadly the mx980 does not, no were near a perfect fit. IMO for your average ear, you would not be able to fit the 980s housing inside your ear.


Last week, I bought a pair of Mx580s for a nice price of $19, if the mx980 used the same housing as the 580s. They would probably be the best earbud ever.  IMO 580s are not too bad, not as detailed as the PK2s, but brighter and more bass.  Do they beat Blox M2Cs ?, no but again imo they are in a division of there own.

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Sad to say it, but I've decided that my Sennheiser MX980 just don't fit my ears as well as I thought. So if anyone is interested send me a PM. I don't have enough posts yet to make a classified. 

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I'm looking for an earphone (not canal-phone) with iphone control - specifically track start/stop/forward/back. Also if possible i prefer a rubberised earphone rather than a removable foam cover as i tend to lose these in my pocket. I basically want an iphone earbud with a better driver! Is there anything available ?  If there isn't anything like that, anyone know where to buy Blox mc2 in the UK? 


To the OP - i had 2 pairs of Sony E557Bs in the 90s and loved them!

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gregoire - How about Hisoundaudio's tweaked iPhone earbuds?







The fastest way is to get these from Ebay. I'd say that Hisoundaudio is a pretty safe bet and that you would not get a fake, i.e. you would get a real pair of tweaked iPhone earbuds.


There's also the AKG K318, but it's only got a microphone and volume controls...


The best bet is to get a vintage MP3 player such as iRiver HP120/140 or Cowon X5 with a remote. Or how about a Sony HD5 with a Sony Hi-MD remote? I think you can use just about any Hi-MD remote with this old Sony MP3-player. At least my MD-player's remote works well with my HD5.

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Thanks Danneq, i was about to order the AKG's and i didnt realise they didnt have track control. You've saved me some disappointment there! I'll look into the hisoundaudio's. Cheers beerchug.gif

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Hi earbuds lovers !


I'm thinking about ugrading from my beloved PK2, looking for some advice here :

I really love the mids of the PK2, but I would like deeper yet tight and impactful bass, as well as a bit more sparkling highs.

Balance over the frequency range and clarity are important to me.

I wouldn't be against a wider soundstage also, and don't want to sacrifice the details (but can't stand harsh highs).


For now I shortlisted CM707, Ninewaves Studio (plastic) and PK1.

PK1 is at a disadvantage though, as I can't find it easily here in Japan.

And PK1 is also a lot more expensive and requires an amp, but it might be worth it if it's living up to it's reputation (which I tend to doubt, there must be some degree of hype and let's-convince-myself-i-didn't-waste-my-money effect in there also).

On the other hand, I have great fit and comfort with PK2 so PK1 is a safe bet in this regard, I'm more anxious about the bigger ones.


For reference Audio-Technica and Ninewaves can be mine for around ¥7000 (US$90), PK1 would cost me a huge ¥17000 (US$220).

I guess I could maybe find a better deal for the latter, but it's fair to consider it will be the most expensive, by far..


Can anybody help discriminate those and/or throw in another contestant ?

Any input is welcome !


Thanks is advance.



Edit : there should be a review of Ninewave Studio and Studio PRO around this thread but I can't find it, can someone please link ?

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Hi there, SuperJamon!


I would rule out the Ninewave studio. I find it too sibilant and the treble is too strong. It looks like the Ninewave studio pro has been lowered and costs around ¥13,000. The studio pro is supposed to be much more bassy than the studio. But you can get ATH ES7 for less than that and I think that the ES7 is a very good portable headphone.


Other than the Studio pro I cannot think of an earbud that's easy to find in Japan...

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Hi Danneq,


Thanks for your reply !

ATH-ES7 is a full size headphone right ?

I'm looking for earbuds actually, I'm already content with the headphones and iems I have, but I may give it a try some day out of curiosity...


Back to the earbud story, I had the opportunity to try both ninewave studio and CM707 at Yodobashi in Ueno yesterday, (thanks to my boss for sending me there to meet with a customer ^^).

I had no more than a few minutes to listen to each, but I found them both really disappointing, the whole bottom was just not there... They had no pads on though, I guess it can tame the bass, but unless there is a night and day difference that's not what I'm looking for...


I tried a few others also while I was there (MX580, MX581, MX880), no one seemed to come close to what I'm longing for, but then again without pads I probably didn' t enjoy their best...


By the way I make a short digression about the MX581, they are probably the lightest and most confortable earbud I ever tried (even without pads) ! I'm sure even people who can't stand buds and/or have very small ears can wear these.... But the most impressive thing is their cable : sooooo flexible and tangle free, yet feeling impossible to break. I wonder why Sennheiser don't use this kind of cable on their higher end buds...


But back to our business again, I should try the 9w studio pro when I have the opportunity if they have more low end than the plastic version... and if they are what I'm looking for, I may actually convince myself to throw a grand at it (in jpy at least ^^)


If anybody has another suggestion, or can give impressions about PK1 compared to anything listed above, please fill me in !


EDIT : I eventually found enough time and courage to read the full thread, so I ordered PAA-1 pros... crossing fingers now ^^

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So I got the paa-1 pros, it took me a week or so to get used to them and their fit (they are quite bigger than the Yuins), but I'm satisfied with them.

I found them to be very similar to the PK2 with deeper and more impactful bass and better soundstage, which was what I was longing for.

(This strongly depends on the fit you get though, so you may find them overly bassy or thin, have to try them in other words)


They are equally detailed to my ears, and the mids are quite forward which makes them so fun to listen to.


I think analytical listeners need not apply, but they are great for enjoying music without fatigue (soundwise at least, depends on the fit), that's all there is in the end ;-)

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has anyone post a review about the 9wave nw studio pro?

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Originally Posted by samia0820 View Post

has anyone post a review about the 9wave nw studio pro?


I can only find two reviews here:


The regular 9Wave NW Studio Pro:



Limited edition NW Studio Pro W (white edition with less accessories and no carry bag):


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If anyone's interested in a pair of Sony MDR-E282 and is able to replace defective cables, there's a pair up for auction here: http://www.ebay.de/itm/SONY-MDR-E-282-GOLD-mit-BOX-TASCHE-for-DIGITAL-10-25-000-Hz-SPITZENMODELL-/350602634828?pt=Kopfh%C3%B6rer&hash=item51a18ba64c


I'm not affiliated with the seller, I just like finding vintage earbuds...

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I would like to thank swbf2cheater for awesome reviews, I just got PAA-1 and I'm loving it more than my Shure SE535!
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Hi i would like to ask regarding Paa-1 Pro. I got mine yesterday and not fully burn-in yet. There is something I found out accidentally. The sound is better when I put the left phone to my right ear and vice versa. Its louder and clearer. Not sure if its my ears only or anyone else experience the same thing...

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