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I had the MX980s for about 3 weeks, I would not dispute that they do sound amazing but how much better are they compared to the PK1s ?  For me I can read swf's and kostalex's and Mike over at headfonia extensive reviews on earbud's all day long but only way I am going to find out for myself is buying a pair lol. 


And I did that with the MX980s, the biggest issue I had was the fit ( just like many others) and somewhat of the overall style.  


What's next for me ....


PK1s   $180

CrossRoads HR1's   $150

Audio Technica ATH-CM700 TI  $113



NW Studio Pro


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Remember the 9waves are set up for a natural sound, nothing else is.  So if you are looking for an impacting, fun and bassy experience look elsewhere to the sennheisers or the Pk1.  


The MX980 is the neutral champ closer to studio monitor coldness type sound, very heavy bass for a bud and a stage that is classic sennheiser ( distant and wide, non immersing )


The Pk1 is a snappy and punchy fun sound that is power hungry and needs great amping to sound its best.  It's sound quality is inferior in every way to the mx980 but on par with both 9wave models.


The 9wave NW Studio is the all around set.  It is set up in attempt to sound as natural as possible, meaning how the ear picks up on bass and highs in reality.  Both the Mx980 and Pk1 are colored and unnatural, where as the NW Studio provided a colorless experience with average bass ( silky smooth when properly amped )but with emphasis on mids and has engaging highs.  


The 9wave Pro is the more metallic sounding version of the NW studio with even better highs and bass clarity, not quantity.  It has just as much as its little brother did now that I had months to listen to both.  However, when amped it provided the sweetest and most pleasing silky smooth bass of all the buds.  The best quality imo and far from the most.



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the mx980 is clean sounding, bright yet smooth in highs than the pk1.

well its all just a matter of preference.



i use my mx980 as a monitoring gear.



good for music and definitely in movies.

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Today I found out that Blox TM5 people sent me a mail saying they had shipped out there new pair of earbuds.


In the email he says...


"In over all TM5 is better than these new earbuds.
These new earbud is low impedance and very easy to drive"



Tbh I have very surprised that Blox have decided to do this considering they are sending them as a gift.


I will report back them I have got them in the mail.  Looks like they are coming from China so probably take about 10 days to arrive.

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Same for me, I also have a Dunuu set coming as well

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You lucky b*stards!


I thought the TM5 was discontinued. At least that's what I read on an english speaking Malaysian forum...



EDIT: Apparently it must be the new Blox M2C earbuds that you are being sent. They are more in the same tier as the PK3 or MX580. Here's the review from the Malaysian forum:


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"In fact till date, among all earbuds I've heard below the retail price of the Yuin PK1, Blox M2C has the best front to back soundstage depth projection bar none."



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Hey Danneq ...


Good to see you again and thanks for that link, they sure look interesting but no TM5 or PK1.   But at $40 I guess you can only expect so much out of them.  But then again that review might be spot on and the biggest earbud surprise for this year.

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Well, I received my BEB Black Buds yesterday. Thanks to David from Biolinks Audio!

After listening to them for some time and comparing them shortyl with the Sennheiser MX580, I have to say they are an absolute steal at $20. Great bass, clear highs, mids just right for me. A very nice presentation overall. Actually quite similar to the Senns in my opinion. I still slightly prefer the 580s, possibly just because they fit me better, but both sets will definitely get a lot of playtime (the AKGs are so out of the race here), but it's really almost too close to call based on my initial impressions.


For anyone on a budget, especially in the US where the Senns seem to be a bit more expensive than here in Germany, and you can get the BEBs for $20 shipped - it's a no-brainer. Heck, you should just pick up a pair just because they are so inexpensive and fun to listen to.

Highly recommended.

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Are they bigger or smaller than the 580s? 



Originally Posted by bonglee23 View Post

Actually quite similar to the Senns in my opinion. I still slightly prefer the 580s, possibly just because they fit me better,


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Originally Posted by nonsupremous View Post

Are they bigger or smaller than the 580s? 



I'm fairly sure they are smaller, but he will have to confirm. 


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They are a tiny bit smaller than the Sennheiser, both in diameter and in thickness.

Here are some comparison shots (in centimeters)




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My big thanks for this tread.
Now I have my sennheiser mx 980 and I am very happy with it.

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form 1 to 10 how much bass on koss ksc-75

i want to take my ksc75 as comparison

thx smily_headphones1.gif
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thanks for the pics.  Does the BEB  have more impactful bass than the Senns?  I don't find the bass on the 580 to be very strong. 

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