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OK, you know what, I just ordered a pair of BEBs. For 20 $, apparently including EXPRESS SHIPPING (!) to Germany, I figure you can't go wrong.

Looking forward...

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I hope they are what you are looking for. 


As for the NW Studio, I have used them every single day for the past 8 months since I was sent the first beta model.  

( I must mention that disaster in Japan slowed things down significantly )  Pretty much all business in Tokyo was halted or slowed down. But things are now moving along, check out the facebook page as that is the best and fastest way to get any new info )


I have not had a single problem with them and man have they taken some serious abuse, folded and curled up constantly in my pocket, stress put on the adapter heads ect ect.  Still holding up without a single problem.  Now, in the past year or so I have gone through and reviewed about 2 or 3 dozen sets ranging from earbuds to full size $1600 headphones.  I have not kept a single one except the Sennheiser HD598 and the 9wave NW studio.  This is due to me being a sound stage nut bar.  If the set does not have excellent soundstaging and a great sense of airiness and separation...I simply won't ever use it regardless of how clear it sounds.  


I prefer the NW Studio vs its big brother the Pro model, which is noticeable colder in coloration.  The pro version has a deeper and wider presentation, but the height is definitely a bit larger on the NW studio, the pro is bar none the best for live performances or classical music in an earbud.  I preferred it over the MX980 in this regard, but the MX980 was definitely more clear and had much more bass.  The NW studio is definitely not as cold sounding to my ears compared to its Pro version.   None of the top three are warm sounding.  



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I'm keeping my eyes peeled for those NW Studios. Building a collection of inexpensive-but-high-end-sounding earbuds is a great thing to do IMHO :-D


And to update on my listening impressions with the K317, I am beginning to like them. As I said, if memory serves they are quite similar to the OK3, possibly with better highs and separation.

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tempted to pick up some sennheiser mx580s to compare to the pk3's and beb's. I don't think I really care for the design of them though. 

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Well, so much for my BEBs. They sent me an email yesterday that they had to cancel my order because they can't offer free international shipping after all. Now they want 22.50$, which is more than the buds themselves and just not worth it. Shame...

So I might go with those MX580 myself to test. Or another OK3? Hmmmmmmm

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Me again :-)

I've reached a lttle breakthrough with my new K317s. After removing the rubber rings and putting a second foam pad on each bud, I get a much more comfortable fit and a vastly improved bass performance. Yay!

Nevertheless, I've ordered a pair of MX580 as replacement drug for the BEBs. :-)

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How much for a pair of 9wave in the states. Seems price in aus is pretty steep, 220$ a pair! http://jaben.net/forums/index.php?topic=19088.0


For that price I can get a mx980.


My mx980 has been gathered around 100 hrs so far. I like it more than when it just came. The only thing I don't like is the noise from the cable, I want to change to a better one.

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I recommend giving the ATH-C770 a listen.  For $40ish its a top value as well but one I have not had the chance to review until today.  I am working on that review right now, I knew it was good but not this good.  Vocals are excellent on it.  Doesnt have the 9wave stage but it a bit more clear sounding.  Definitely has much nicer vocals than the 9waves.

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Great! I just noticed this thread today. I was always wondering how the new Audio Technica CM707 were since hearing about them a couple months ago. There aren't any impressions though, but it seems even the C770 is pretty good?


I do kind of agree about the Yuins. Having owned PK1 for a couple years and an OK1 for a year, I liked them but I know they are not much better than Sony Extra Bass ear buds.


I might wait before I grab a pair of Sennheiser MX 980s to see if anyone has opinions about the ATH-CM707... or maybe just get both and compare.

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ATH C770 added

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Hooray, I'll be able to get the BEB after all, I was able to get another shipping option from Biolinks.

So now I have two more sets of buds coming my way. Yay!

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well.. my omx 980's just went up for sale...  i've decided to give up on the buds, and go for some lcd2's - wish me luck!

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I'm a bit lost. Headfonia's high end earbud review seems to put the Yuin PK1 and Sennheiser 980 earbuds to around the same level.


"Listening to the Yuin and the MX980, I felt that the two seem to be build from the same basics. There is a small difference in terms of tonal balance, where the Yuin is more colored in the midrange and midbass and with a more relaxed treble and low bass, and the MX980 sounds like a more linear version of the same driver. The two are not alike, but they’re quite similar in their voicing. It’s like taking the same headphone and plugging them into two different amplifiers"


"The Sennheiser’s soundstage is slightly wider, but the Yuin has a far better depth, making for a significantly larger soundstage feel overall." - Headfonia



They also say the Senn has punchier bass and is livelier. I'm looking for something that is definitely better than the PK1s with better bass. Are the Senns what I'm looking for? If it's similar to the Yuin, then I don't know if it is worth it because the Yuin's don't sound THAT much better than a $15 pair of Sonys.

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I am a huge fan of his, I idolize him for his work as he guides me to most of my high end purchases often...however in this case he is very wrong.  The mx980 sounds nothing like the Pk1 and they are not on the same level, not even close.  The Mx980 is neutral, powerful, smooth and has a load more bass with a massive soundstage.  The pk1 is snappy, colored, bass light and has an average earbud soundstage.  





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I'm a bit lost. Headfonia's high end earbud review seems to put the Yuin PK1 and Sennheiser 980 earbuds to around the same level.


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Two reasons, one is inadequate burn-in, usually phones known for its resolution is easier to appreciate than phones known for soundstage and dynamics which needs tons of burn-in to shine. My tm5 sound muddy as hell and seems to have a soundstage not that much larger than pk2 out of box, 800 hours later it transformed into a monster, I use to feel the buds all the time, now the sound draw my attention 5cm from my head in all direction, the buds totally disappear. The same happened with my ok2 recently, the sound is much much refined, it used to have sibliant, detached highs, thin mids, tiny bass with no impact no depth, now it sounds full bodied and articulated through the spectrum. 


Another reason we just have different ears.

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