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I have a different problem. The moment I put htem on and listen to them for a bit longer I start wondering if I need anything else for portable use but MX980s. I recently got DT1350s from Beyerdynamic and really like them, I put my MX980s in this morning for a shirt sunbathing session and I started wondering if I really need the Beyers. Sound is great, there is no clamping, no heavyness or anything like that, a thing that is always associated with headphones.

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That is a great problem to have haha! Short people with small ears like me have a problem with the 980, the didn't fit well and would just fall out every five seconds. Anywho, the mx980 is insanely under rated, can't say enough great things about them.
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Seriously dude, they fall out every 5 seconds from your ears?blink.gif I have quite small eras too, but I don't find MX980 to be uncomfortable, of course they're not perfect in ergonomics, but every IEM or earbud is somewhat fatiguing after excessive listening sessions.

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lol not literally every 5 seconds, just an expression intended to show that they fall out too often 

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Originally Posted by Br777 View Post

well, hopefully the fx700 will be everything i want it to be..  it gets really stellar reviews.   The level of isolation will make or break it for me.. otherwise i'll be back to roughing it with the 980's ;-)

i have both.

and i think they are both very different sounding.


the mx980 sounds somewhat cold and unnatural compared to fx700.

but, the mx980 stands out in micro details and its supreme surround feeling, accuracy in positioning.

the fx700 is the best iem ive heard. 

to me its better than ortofon eq7, sm3, hje900, ue700 (any ultimate ears iem) or vortex.


i use my mx980 when i want to hear smallest details in my music.

and to remind me that the mx980 has the most beautiful highs ever in an earbud form.




by the way, i got no issue with the mx980s fit. (without the foam pads).

im using this as my movie/laptop companion.


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New blox buds review coming soon. 9wave USA sales right around the corner.
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My next venture is to get a digizoid ZO v2 for my 980's.  Given the reviews v1 is getting, and what people are saying its capable of, I believe it may be a match made in heaven for these buds, heck, even the missing link. ;-)


btw the fx700 arrived, and are up for sale.. they isolate more than i hoped.. strange thing to say about IEM's but hey.. they do sound quite nice otherwise.  Too bad I cant keep them ;-)


I'll be eager to hear your take on the blox

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In this moment in the web official page (www.9wave.jp) are selling  the NW-STUDIO ...¡¡¡¡

How i can buy it, from south america...???



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Edit Update


The gem is made of real silver and is the NW studio pro on steroids, I am extremely interested to know how solid silver sounds as an earbud housing although its very exclusive and even I might not be able to snag a demo set for review.  Its a joint venture project between 9wave and Ultrasones Edition Shop in Tokyo.  Im sure they sound great but are well beyond my budget to purchase for a review for everyone at $500 or so


9wave is trying to become a head fi sponsor and the NW Studio ( the budget "plastic" version people seem to want to call it) will be available out of Japan on July 28th.  They should be available through Amazon and I am told they hope to be able to sell to anyone outside the usa as well.  I really think earbud lovers will enjoy them, I've been using my set for a while now...actually listening to them right this second.  


tall and wide soundstage that is upfront, not too neutral and not overly colored, separation is excellent and are very fun to listen to in my opinion.  



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ok thanks swbf2cheater
I'll be here waiting for news,,,¡¡

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I don't think it can get any more blissful than this:


Cowon S9 + Fiio E11 + Sennheiser MX 980

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I'll probably get myself a pair of MX880 for my birthday next week, the 980 would be wasted on me since I mostly use the earbuds while riding my bike. Since my Yuin OK3 died, I tried to make it work with the standard Sansa buds, but boy was that a disappointment. No amount of background noise can cover their absolute inferiority to the OK3.

I'm still looking forward to hearing what the others have to say about the plastic 9Waves once they finally come out...

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just got a pair of PK3's.. I can already tell they are my new go-to portable set. I'm really impressed. Thinking about picking up a pair of the blue ever blue black buds.. 


am I going to see much of a difference? or should I just save my money. If they are different in which ways? I'm pretty happy with the Pk3's and I'm a wooden grado head :) If a few people think it is worth my time to check out the black buds I'll pick up a pair and do a comparo before selling or giving away one or the other. Otherwise, I won't bother. 


lemme know what you guys think. 

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bought em. I'll post impressions accordingly. 

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I just received a pair of AKG K317, listening to them now.

First impression, they're OK for the 15 EUR I paid for them, but I have difficulties getting a really good fit. When I press them into my ears slightly, the sound is great, so there's a definitely lot of potential. Highs are good, mids so-so, separation is very nice.

Coming from the OK3, but without possibility for a direct A/B, I'd say they are not without similarities. I'll let the buds my brain burn in a while and play with EQ a bit, but I think those 9Waves are still in the game. Or BEB, or since they are easiest to get, MX 580...


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