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Compare with pk2, ok2 is mids forwarded as pk2 but comes out with fuller sound. Also it has better treble extension but less bass. Good for vocals,pops imo.

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Well, for me the PK2 sounds kind of forward and not very laid back. But I compare it to the ATH CM700TI and AKG K319. They both have a more spacious sound than the PK2 which has got a more up front sound than both the ATH and AKG.


Was thinking of getting the CM707 to compare to the CM700, but the difference doesn't seem to be too big. MX980 seems to be a sort of "holy grail", so after getting that I might not feel like upgrading. Knowing that will probably keep me away from it.  tongue_smile.gif


The 9wave plastics seems like the next earbud purchase!

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a holy grail, indeed.


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Originally Posted by Danneq View Post
The 9wave plastics seems like the next earbud purchase!


Seems like we'll have to wait just a little bit longer for them, but I'll definitely give them a shot once they come out.


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The NW Studio is due out sometime in late july, so its still a ways off yea but the best way to get the fastest info is to keep updated with the 9wave facebook page, any new info will be posted there before anywhere else.   But I want to stress that the 9wave buds are not about clarity, they are about presentation.  If you are hoping for a very clear experience, you should look elsewhere.  However, if you want a great soundstage experience with good separation for $60ish, the NW studio is definitely for you.  Its pros outweigh its cons




-bright lively sound

-great stage size and good separation

-relatively cheap

-doesnt require amping to sound excellent, but does benefit a bit from my E11

-very light and comfortable at least in my ears




-overall clarity is average 

-bass clarity and quantity are average and can easily distort

-build quality is average, they are plastic and intended to be as light as possible


i cant say enough good things about the NW studio, but there are other sets out there that are vastly superior in sound quality.  




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My mx 980 arrived today. Very nice packing, maybe too nice, it took me about 10 mins to unpack. :). This earbud is beatiful with solid build quality.  Sounds amazing out of box, sort of hd 650 flavor with the ear pads. I prefer it without the foams though, much more clearer. Compare to pk2, it has better soundstage, fuller mids and much deeper bass. I am very satisfied with sq so far.



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Also I dont think it has less coloration than pk2.With the ear pads MX980 is a bit like hd650s.

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I'm glad you like them so far smily_headphones1.gif Wait at least 15hrs burn-in to hear their fullest potential. Out of box they sounded muffled and limited to my ears. What players do you listen to with them?
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Yes, burn-in is definitely needed for this earphone. Its been running all the time since last night. The sound is much more clearer. I use a ipod classic.

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Lately, I've been using the BeB The Blacks and enjoying the hell out of them.  I got some multicolored pads for earbuds and have been having a lot of fun with them.   Out of the fiio e11, the bass is very smooth.  Its definitely better bass than the 9wave for example, but the BeB mids and Highs are less clear and the stage is smaller.  


But man, the BeBs are like $20 new, awesome bargain if you ask me.  As for burn in, with earbuds its usually even more minimal than usual but with the MX980, the drivers are so large that odds are good it will require a bit more burn in.  I am a firm believer in burn in and anything with a dynamic driver should learn to vibrate more.  Much like a drum, if you know anything about drum covers.  New and out of the box they might feel and sound a bit different than a few years down the road, but there is a psychological aspect to it all as well that is equally as important, much like ultrasones S logic, it takes some getting used to and once your ears realize what the hell is being piped into them, the stage opens up and the entire experience is noticeably different than the first listen

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Hello I am a new member and was hoping to get your advice/opinion on Meelectronics CCW51P. I am going to use them with an iPod Touch 4G. Thank you.

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When is the 9wave plastics coming out?

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later this month

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Well, since yesterday my OK3 have a loose connection in the plug and I have to use the stock Sansa earbuds for my bicycle rides to work at the moment.

This is breaking my heart (and ears), so I am glad to hear the 9W are coming out soon. Or will I just get myself another pair of OK3, because I do like them? Hmmm

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How's the 9W fit compared to MX980? I wonder if they live up to the hype that has been made around them :)

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