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The pk2s are definitely better :P

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I saw your disappointing comments about them, but for $20 I was willing to try them out just to compare then againest the MX980s and PK2s, although I have to say the PK2s have matured very nicely,   For $40 I am amazed how good they sound. 

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Received the BeBs.... 



First impressions are not bad for $25 shipped, they do not sound any where near the MX980s or IMO the PK2s, but at the same time price wise I cannot say anything bad about them.   They feel very comfortable and light in the ear, also they got a nice feel to them.



swbf2cheater said he would use these over the PK1s lol... Personally I don't think I would be in agreement with him, but I cannot argue their not worth the $22 that I paid for them.  



Overall not disappointed, but no WOW factor either. Other thing I will mention order them on Sunday and by Weds I had the BeBs. 






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Owning the 9wave and the BeBs leaves no room for the amp hungry pk1 

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Originally Posted by whoelse View Post

I have had the MDR-E888 for a long time and always like it. After my honeymoon with my other IEMs TF10, MT, RE0, MDR-300SL I still prefer the MDR-E888. :D


Yep, I rate the E888's very highly for natural sound, and very spacious with good imaging on live recordings, after modification they're at the very top of earphones/HP's/IEM's I've heard when it comes to natural vocals, and I find them highly enjoyable with the kind of rock music I like.


I don't think I'm crazy for praising their uniqueness all the time, because I haven't seen their diaphragm material in any other product - bio-cellulose.


One day I really have to get an OK1, 9wave Studio, Piano Forte II etc. and extensively review them all and then I'll see if I'm crazy or not, until I hear them, my praise is coated in salt.


As a rough indicator, I'd give the CK10 7/10 for natural sound, and E888 9.5/10, (of course the ck10 beats them in imaging, FR, bass extension and overall presentation).


Edit: I also just want to underline that they have rather thin, weak bass, and high clarity, there are a couple reviews on head-fi saying they are bass heavy and sound warm and muffled or something? which is confusing and I feel as though the only seasoned conclusion is there have been reviews of fakes, or a change in the production line, and thus they became the most underrated earphones on head-fi, but yes again, pinch of salt here. ;)


Edit: OK So I hunted for some reviews using google translate, and just read one in Chinese that said the closest IEM to the E888 is Etymotic ER4.



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Right. I have the E888 for a long time and love it. Yesterday, I picked up a Senn MX580 and I find it is also a keeper. In some way it is even better then the E888 and similar price. I guess the MX880/980 must be even better. Some said the extra above the MX580 make little differences so the MX580 might be a very good buy to add into the collection. I love the E888 but I am feeling I will be loving the very commonly found MX580 even more so.

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I was wondering if you could reccomend a quality pair of IEMs. I'm a big metal listener (all sub-genres), so I would like a decent-high bass capability, really clear and crisp sounds (i.e. I can hear every note and it comes out great). A degree of noise-cancellation would be welcome as well. I own a pair similar to the Creative HS-730i, but the left side is dead, and the right seems like it's only got about a year left on lowest volume.

With the high reviews on the MX980, I am very inclined to go with that, but the buds never seem to agree with my ears, allowing them to fall out constantly. The clip guides don't help either. I've used them before, and the buds just swing out, so I can barely hear the music.

Do you have a pair in mind, or one that you think would work great? Price is no factor. Just a request, could you try to explain without the audio jargon? I apologize, I'm just not very literate on this subject.

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betaboy if you're unsure about earbuds (that rest on your ear) and you want noise cancellaton then you should get an IEM instead that inserts into your ear (In Ear Monitor), or you can try one that has both options earbud/IEM, like the Yuin OK2.


For IEM's, look at ljokerl's multi-review thread, you'll find what you desire in there.



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BetaBoy, If your other earbuds don't fit, I would not recommend getting the MX980s, they sound great... best I heard yet, but even for my ears they sometimes fall out and I could not use them for long term use.  

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BetaBoy, If your other earbuds don't fit, I would not recommend getting the MX980s, they sound great... best I have heard yet, but even for my ears they sometimes fall out and I could not use them for long term use.  

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May I add 2cents regarding MX980 fit - they do not fall out my ears. In fact, they fit perfectly. Occasionally, after more than 2hrs having them on, my ears start to hurt a little, but it's nowhere near as painful as it sounds. I guess it's the matter of all earphones. Besides I've noticed some people described MX980 as if they were the biggest earbuds in the world. That's not true, there are a lot of bigger earbuds on the market, for example Sony makes bigger earbuds than MX980. It's a very personal matter wheather given earbud fit somebody's ears or not. Thankfully they fitted my ears perfectly so I can enjoy their fullest potential :)


As for the sound of MX980 - yeah, they're not fun sound, but they're so unique in audio presentation that I'm keeping them forever ;) Just because the sound is so detailed and clear. I see 9wave NW Studio are being highly hyped in this thread, but I doubt they're capable to reproduce as hi-fidelity sound as MX980. They're probably more on the fun side. Of course, I'd love to hear them someday :)

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What models from sony in the hanging style are bigger than the mx980?  Just curious.  Also, the mx980 never falls out of my ears either, but its just not a good fit for me, its too thick.  But you are correct in saying nothing else is as clear sounding, even the 9wave is a few steps down in clarity ( average clarity ).  Its the 9wave presentation I was impressed with more than its clarity, its definitely not a crystal clear set, but its damned fun and spacious sounding if you ask me :)

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I'm curious about PK1 vs OK1 in "hanging style" as you put it.


I hear good things about the OK1, and that it has metal parts and better build quality than the PK1, and yet in your review you say it's "heavy lacking compared to the competition", are you for real

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Originally Posted by lazy student View Post

The Sony E888 is famous for its bass and its warmth :) My friend even compare this earbud's bass with FA Eterna..


It's famous for being bass-light.


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I am for real, for $180-230?  Its competition is the Mx980 and the 9wave NW Studio Pro.  The Ok1 in hanging style without the inner ear tips is a notch or so up from the pk1, its not that different, its a smoother ride with a small clarity boost to my ears.  However, in IEM mode, the set is excellent and is a sound I really enjoyed.  It has a fantastic airy stage to it, its not as good as the other iems priced at that range but it does have an airy sense of things, no congested feeling to my ears.  But, the overall clarity and bass response is very poor for $180-$230


You can get a really fantastic set for  that price in :\

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