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Originally Posted by swbf2cheater View Post

The CM700 is poorly rated...


I think you'll find on Head-Fi they're generally highly regarded by those who've tried them. Believe they're still the buds of choice for Pianist and penartur. Others have moved on feeling they weren't getting the best fit (a recurring issue it seems with the larger buds).


All the best.

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I prefer the cm700 over cm707.

MX980 is better and for someone willing to have the best, the extra money is worth it, but for those wanting something good enough, cm700 can do the job. 

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^ Im with this guy :)

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Originally Posted by Hi-fi Wigwammer View Post


Does anyone know of a dealer that sells the 9Waves and delivers to the UK please?

I have the chance to pick up some used ATH-CM700s, are these any good? Or should I just spend the extra £45 and buy some new MX980s from Amazon?



How much can you get the used ATH CM700 for? I'd recommend you trying them out. They might not beat the MX980, but they are great little earbuds. Granted, I do not own any other top earbuds, but my CM700TI beat the PK2 quite easily (although I like the lively sound of the PK2), and the CM700TI are also better than my AKG K319. The soundstage is great and they are very detailed. There is not much bass, but they respond well to EQing.

I have read that people who have tried the CM707 thought that the older CM700 sounded better.


EDIT: just now I read the post by mcnoiserdc...

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I liked the CM700 and want to own the cm707, but they are not easy to come by as well and right now i am way too lazy to add more to the list heh, unless someone lets me demo them for free, i wont be adding anything


also, i removed the sony, it doesnt belong


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Thanks for this thread. However I can't really agree with the equal rating of MX580 and Yuin PK3. I just got a pair of MX580 and am *far* from impressed with them. OK they aren't burned in yet, but I cannot detect anything special about these earbuds at all. The sound is flat, undynamic and lacks the vibrancy of the Yuin, which I could hear from day one, before burn-in. I'm not saying the Yuin is perfect - the cable is absolutely terrible and I've broken 2 of them. But soundwise it's great, for the price I would say it's special... this MX580 on the other hand is not much better than free bundled earbuds imho. Maybe I'll check out this 9Wave thing when it's released, then I can just use the MX580 as a backup.

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I only have a PA2V2. Anyone have experience with it and the MX980/PK1. Will it do them justice? I'm really set on these buds.

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I stopped reading his review when he said the Pk1 stage was around the size of the mx980

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So do the $200 tier PK1/980 justify their ~$100 premium over the PK2? Agh, diminishing returns, my least favorite thing about this hobby.

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Depends on your ears, I hate to say it.  Some people prefer the Pk2 to the PK1, some people I know liked the Mx880 over the mx980.  Thats part of the game we hi fi'ers play, we go through a lot of sets to find the one we like most.  



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Regarding the MX980s, I am more leading towards not keeping them, but I am starting to realize the limitations earbuds can sound.  Are they better compared to the PK2s but only in certain areas of the sound. For the price $150-$200, just seems like a lot for what they can do. I am not a fan of the MX980 design, too clunky and not good for long term use.   I am going to wait to see how they sound with the FiiO E11 AMP and by then I will know for sure.   


Next earbuds for me will be the PK1s, but one thing the MX980s seem to have the advantage of is they do not require a amp, but been said with the Cowon J3 I am around 30 on the volume, anything more things start not sounding as smooth due to the high volume and that's where the amp does make it easier on the sound.  Especially when your listening to live trance that has a fast sound to it. 


But for now its MX980s all weekend and once I am used to the sound, I will give the PK2s a listen and see if how much of a difference in sound there really is. 

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The mx980's are a great pair, and make me feel like i'm listening to full size cans. Better than the ie8 in nearly every way for me.


Anyway, who knows, you may prefer other buds- and if you can give them a try, then good on you. Obviously, trying it for hours is at the end of the day the only way to gain a true description of what it is.


But one thing is their fit- after 100hrs- I still haven't fully got used to the fit. Always can feel it there. But when it's in too deeply it hurts and the best I've got is where the face of the bud just clings on to my 'antitragus' part of the ear. 

Sometimes I don't bother with the foam bud cover, for the sake of comfort. Doesn't detriment the sound that much,  

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Yea, the 980s were beastly, but retained a hint of sibilance.  For example, when the track "perfect stranger" by Katy B comes around, My Luke Skybeyer DT770s are harshly sibilant, as were the mx980s ( not too bad, but enough to annoy ) 


Sets like my 9wave NW studio have no sibilance at all.  Just one more reason I love the 9wave.  There is a load of SSSSSSSSSSS going on in that song, but the 9wave retains engaging highs without any slurring or typical hiss.  None.  So far, no set, and I mean NO SET even including full size, has been able to handle live Gypsy Jazz music as grand as the mx980.  

I've used and tested some damned expensive cans, nothing played it as good as the Mx980.  It was set up perfectly for it, everything was just right.  

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I've used and tested some damned expensive cans, nothing played it as good as the Mx980


Funny how with the iem's I've come across, i've always preferred decent full size cans.


But with the mx980, this couldn't be more different!!



Yea, 'beastly' is the best way I can describe them. Bang on.

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