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flashdrive as source?

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no responses in the amp forum so I'll try here


My car has a USB input option.  I didn't know this was possible but learned that I can plug in a music filled flash drive into this USB port and it plays great through the car stereo.  Now I"m wondering if there is a portable device that I can plug the flashdrive into and play through headphones.  I did some preliminary web search.  I found the NUForce Mobile for instance.  On the diagram there's a USB port but it's the smaller plug that gets attached while the flash drive is the larger plug. 


Please let me know if there's a DAC/amp product that can do what I want it to do

btw the music files are not mp.3's they are in wave form and it's a big flashdrive, 32 gigs I think w over 600 songs



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I don't think you'r going to find what you what you want, but let me give an alternative.


for the car stereo get a 32Gb microSD and a microSD to USB converter.


then get a DAP that accepts 32Gb microSD.


that way you can use the same card on your car and DAP

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that's a possibility thanks, do you know a portable DAP that accepts that micro SD?

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well one of the cheapest and well rated here for sound quality are sansa fuze and sansa clip+ 


but reading the description on amazon it says it supports up to 16Gb microSD so I'm not shure about 32Gb cards(though you could use 2 16Gb cards) 


I also found this http://anythingbutipod.com/2009/09/sansa-clip-40gb-possible-with-adapter/

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