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AXPONA - Atlanta Sheraton April 14-17

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It looks like it is filling up with vendors as most vendor rooms are sold out.  I was wondering if there was much interest in this meet.  Big move from Jacksonville Florida last year to downtown Atlanta this year.






I did see Moon Audio was going to be there.

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Are you going? wink.gif


I was originally thinking about attending but now I'm leaning against it. Although I've never been in that part of the country, I'm just not sure the motivation is there when my interest in speakers is declining, and Atlanta doesn't seem to be that interesting of a city either. I might be persuaded otherwise though if there are fellow Head-Fiers to hang out with....


(I'm open to any arguments for visiting Atlanta from any locals, btw)

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I am not sure about it yet.  I am not thrilled with downtown Atlanta as getting to and from their airport makes Denver look easy due to the sheer traffic congestion in the area.  The positive is I can get direct flights in and out of their airport from Central Illinois.

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Ladies and gents of the area,

I've been in touch with the president of the Audio-Video Club of Atlanta (A-VCOA, http://www.a-vcoa.org), and he has passed on some information to me about AXPONA. We're hoping that we can get some people to demo their rigs at the show.

I've gotten word that the producer of AXPONA, Steve Davis, has set aside a large exhibit area in one of the ballrooms at AXPONA for headphone enthusiasts to set up systems to display our hobby. This area will be free to us. Please contact Steve at 1-877-246-3892 or steve@axpona.com.

Is there anyone here interested?

Steve, interested in coming out? If you come out here, I'll come out to RMAF this year. Deal? wink.gif

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