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Originally Posted by stacker45 


As you know, I own 8  pairs of Grado headphones, 2 amps, and 2 cartridges, and to be honest, aside from that scratch on my GS1k, I've never had any other issues with other Grado products.

After all of this…this is the only thing that you have an issue with! :confused_face_2: 


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Has anyone heard of an issue with GS 1000e brown head band vs black head band (the black head band versions supposedly have problems with bass delivery)?  I have the black band version and my bass after a week of burn-in continues to sound boxy and boomy.  The treble and mid range is fine, but the bass ruins the experience.  Drums, bass guitar and pretty much any instrument with bass notes sounds terrible.  If you've heard or know anything please respond. 

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Originally Posted by musicbuff View Post

Has anyone heard of an issue with GS 1000e brown head band vs black head band (the black head band versions supposedly have problems with bass delivery)?

The GS1Ke having either color headband is still an "e" series…the different color headbands are aesthetic differences only. How many hours of burn-in do they have? 

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Originally Posted by pigmode View Post


In terms of brightness, before my HF hearing was degraded, I'd guess I would have felt the same way. Don't you think your sound preference would be better served by the RS1 or RS1e? 


Maybe. I auditioned the RS1i for some time before settling on the RS2i; I felt like the differences were there, but subtle and at the time the extra cost didn't seem worth it to me.


I am eager to add a GS1000e to my collection; spent some time with those and loved them with my SS amp.

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My GS1000e's have around 135 hours burn-in now.  I was listening to Heart's Greatest Hits and they sounded better but the lows still sounded a bit boxy.  The Grado's are improving but it's strange how some artists sound good while others just don't.  I've been comparing the Grados with my Senn HD 650's and 800's.  Of course the 800's win every category except the bass.  The 650's walk away with the bass gold medal (though the 800's aren't totally shabby).  But of course the 650's don't have the sound stage, transparency, crispness, or detail of the 800's.  I just wish the 800's had more bass then they'd be perfect (or Signalyst HQ Player had an exceptional equalizer so I could boost the 800's bass).  I played a couple of songs with upright bass instead of electric bass guitars (Merry Christmas with The Supremes-VINYL, and Alison Krauss and Union Station Lonely Runs Both Ways-CD), and the Grado's still sounded a bit boxy but the drums are sounding quite good most of the time.  So I guess there's light at the end of the burn-in tunnel.  Thing is, I bought the Grados thinking their bass would be even better than the 650's.  I don't think that's ever going to happen.  So maybe I'm back to square one in my search for a pair of HP's with very good sub-bass... 

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