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So is mine the only GH1 that is not flush but slightly recessed below the cup. Shout I be concerned.

Does or will it affect the sound?

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Originally Posted by stacker45 View Post

Well, after the thunderstorm ended, I fired my Yamaha RX-V 2220 back on, and I can officially say that the amp section is dead. non of my speakers work, and I mean, not even a faint background noise, I have no sound at all. :frown:

When I did my undergraduate degree, which was Dual Honours, half of it was electronics. One of my lecturers once said to me. First thing to do if something breaks down, is take the cover off and look for anything obvious. Also something to look for is, there is often a fuse on the motherboard - that's my own tip. (Then after that I suppose you could ask a shop to look at it.)

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Honestly I think Grado finally listened and hence the "e" series and GH1 (minus RS1e).  Maybe it's John Grado's son, Jonathan. Maybe he read the forum threads and people's cry for more bass and mods (like punching holes in the back of the driver) being done to increase the bass, or tape modding and tube amps to tame the treble. Not to mention Rhydon and Custom Magnum drivers and his attempt to offer a more balanced Joseph Grado sound (which are now Turbulent X-Drivers). Last not least, most recently the Senn/Grado mods of those placing Sennheiser drivers in custom Grado cups. 


I finally feel like Grado got it right. The GH1 embodies the magic and "balance" that the Vintage (A) RS1 possessed. I hope Grado listens again and gets the RS1e right. Wouldn't it be great to have the GH1 driver or an "e series" driver that is even more refined in a deeper RS1 cup?

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Originally Posted by sling5s View Post

So is mine the only GH1 that is not flush but slightly recessed below the cup.

Mine are certainly flush with the cup - you could lay a ruler across the wood and not see any daylight between it and the driver

I'm afraid I have no idea whether that would impact the sound though?

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Originally Posted by sling5s View Post

Congrats. Yup...I know that excitement. You are hooked for good. :) 

I think I probably am  - and happy to be so!...:beerchug:

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Originally Posted by bpcans View Post

Your very welcome sir. My pleasure. Now I've got two beautiful daughters, fifteen years apart in age. God I'm so stupid. Babies don't need hp's because they have the hearing of a wolfhound. Congrats on ordering the GH-1's.

Mine are 10 years apart and every once in a while my Wife hints about having another, not sure I still have the energy, my 14 year old is driving me nuts😖. Though I think I may have made her a jazz lover on our long vacation drives!
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Originally Posted by jaywillin View Post

i agree, it does seem that there should have been special packaging, maybe they want you to buy their wooden box 


Take away that little piece of paper Inside the box, and the hype that Grado has created around the GH-1, and what do you have?, you have a pair of headphones that's not only packaged like any other Grado model, but also looks pretty much like a regular pair of RS2e.


Of course, sound quality is the most important thing, and the GH-1 do sound very good, but a nicer box, and/or, an extension cable, or even a carrying bag would've been nice. I'm not going to kiss John Grado on the mouth because he produced a good sounding, $700 pair of headphones.


To be fair though, I do think that the GH-1 sound like a $700+, pair of headphones.

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Originally Posted by sling5s View Post

Grado GH1 Ranked by Sound (to my ears and preference) not looks


Stock Bowl Pads--Good


Bowl Pads with Fitted Leather--Better 


TTVJ Flat Pads--Best 


Originally Posted by sling5s View Post

When to a craft store (Michaels) and cut the leather to strips and then sowed it myself with needle. 

I once took it to a shoe repair to have it done but I felt I could do it myself and it actually turned out better.  The leather I purchase matches the pebbled leather of the GH1.


Thanks Sling!


Those look great!  I'll have to get to a craft store this weekend and whip up a set of my own.  How did you size them to get a snug but not too-tight fit?  I'm sure I could figure it out, just wondering if you had any special technique or tips.


I've had a pair of TTVJ flats sitting here since last week - will have to try them out at last.

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